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Great.  Rancho Park it is.  Thanks a million guys.
Quote: Great info by all, and ejimsmith, thanks for bringing me back to reality -- much appreciated.  I guess in my mind I just figured I'd golf Canyon from 3pm until 7pm or so, hit the road at 7:30pm after traffic slowed, and be to LAX by 8:45pm or so.  But if the concensus is that's a dream, then I'll just bag it and find a course in around LA.    My meeting is in East LA and I'll be done at 1:30pm or so.  Any further reccomendations after getting a better feel for my...
Oh and one other thing; I'll need rental clubs.  A decent set preferably.  Thanks again.
This thread has been helpful to me, as I'll be out in LA soon.  I've narrowed down my selection to the following northern courses: Rustic Canyon, Simi Hills, Lost Canyons, or Tierra Rejada.  Anyone care to help me decide?  Rustic seems to keep coming up, and looks nice, but not sure if that is still the case and curious about the others. I'll be playing as a single on a Friday evening at about 3pm or 4pm (whenever twilight rates start), then heading back to LAX for a...
Thanks much, TourSpoon.  Good call -- ordered up the Neutral.  By the way, if you haven't hit this club yet, you owe it to yourself to try it.  Made driving the ball fun for me again at the range.
Hi,   I'm about a 10 handicap, with around a 90 - 95 MPH swing speed.  Last night I hit the Razr Hawk Neutral in a 10.5 stiff, and fell in love.  However, they didn't have Tour model of the same shaft and loft setup for demo.   My question is, without having an opportunity to hit both, which one would you folks recommend?  I work the ball both ways, but my misses are usually when I come over the top or get quick and rotate through to fast closing the face.  Can...
New Posts  All Forums: