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Can I call you May?
I'm going to check out McCarthy as my next read. What do you recommend as a first taste?
This.I'll throw a few out there though:- Angle of Repose, Wallace Stegner- Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry- A Prayer for Owen Meany, John Irving- the Century trilogy, Ken Follet- Cheasepeak, James Michener- Great Expectations, Charles Dickens- Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson- The Mysteries of Pittsburg, Michael Chabon- Lord of the Flies, William GoldingAnd a zillion others...
Lighten up Francis.
Oh my! I forgot all about this thread! Thanks for the resurrect.
I hear ya. Bugs the shit out of me; trouble is, I catch myself doing it occasionaly too! It never makes it by my first proof read but it can creep into a first draft when I'm kind of just "stream of consciousness"-ing it. (...and I read a ton - just for the record)The one that truly drives me up the ****ing wall is DEFINATELY and all of its variations. Think FINITE people, FINITE not FINATE, FFS!Seriously, I'm gonna loose my shit!
Yeah, Ozzy is the real deal despite his current state. Liked all his axemen but Randy Rhoads was head and shoulders above the rest with Tony Iommi coming in second for style points alone!!!
Early Guns'n'Roses Early 70's Grateful Dead (when they were still heavy as ****) Green Day Muse Motörhead Early Metallica Rolling Stones Pink Floyd before Roger Waters left Beastie Boys Jurassic Five And many, many more...
I agree with @DaveP043, without seeing video first guess is some stall of the pivot. Love your username!
How do you keep the squirrels away from the nut?
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