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I grip the club with my right hand and rattle the watch on my left wrist as I address my tee shots and align my stance. I even do it when I'm not wearing a watch...
The lesson for Ted Bishop? Never get into a pissing match with a master of media whoring.
Can't speak for any but myself, but I'm Dufner fan because of his pretty little pitch elbow at A5. I'm just a sucker for a purdy A5. 
I like Hunter's swing thought, I use that if my contact is getting spotty, works well.Ya, no kidding. Sometimes I can get a little hooky if I'm exaggerating feels too much, pretty sure if I tried Greame's fix on-course I could hook it hard enough to come up behind me.
Lol, no, the second to last putt of the season was the 30 footer to less than an inch, that was the little ****er that wouldn't drop for me. The last putt of the season was a one inch tap-in, which I made. No rain in the forecast tomorrow so I'll probably play.
Depending on the weather over the next little while this may have been the second to last putt of the season. A 30 footer to less than an inch.  FTW. Little ****er just wouldn't drop.
I only bought a watch for the laser.   Chicks dig lasers...
Just post up a video of you (or anyone) hitting decent golf shots while demonstrating your level shoulder turn. Simple as that.
New Posts  All Forums: