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The thread is 4 years old boys.
Chest bollocks???? WTF...
Just wanted to check in on all my E-Friends in the path of this monster. How y'all holdin' out? We sent 75 snow clearing trucks and 180 trained personnel down to the Boston area to assist. Unfortunately the morons that run things sent them down last night, so for all I know, they may have got stuck in the blizzard somewhere along the way and never made it...   Anyways, hoping you all are OK. Post pics of the mayhem when you can.    Isn't winter fun? Yay.
Good for you! I've been trying to lose my swing for ever, still no luck, I might be stuck with it...all I can do is keep working on it and hope for it to get better.
He must have hit his head on that rock quite a few times. 
She has a face????
Ever seen a grown man naked Billy?
Agree. Both real lookers. NG looks like a dude.
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