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Aim left.
Ha Ha, great shirt. I believe @divot dave used to have a green one as his avatar.     Anyone else click on this thread solely because they were so impressed that someone on the internet knew how to spell definitely?  
I used to putt crosshanded. It really makes it impossible to be wristy. I've been a little too wristy (the hit impulse) so far this season which is making me leave a lot of putts short or just taking more break than they should. Not quite ready to go back to LHL, but I may do some drills with it just to get back my feel for a flat left wrist. Some people like wristy putting but it just effs up my distance control.
So very awesome. 
I have a DG spinner in my 60*. It's a great shaft for a LW, not sure I'd want one in my 56 or 52 as I tend to hit those full swing looking for specific distances of about 100-105 and 110-115 respectively. But this is probably OT so, carry on.
It has happened to me in the past. Just run out of gas and start cheating the pivot and getting too armsy or something. Helps to make sure you have some snacks in the bag. What I really hate is how often I completely **** up the first hole with a triple or worse. Usually starts with big ole blocked tee shot into the woods and a cascade of bad decisions till I finally, mercifully sink the putt. I usually settle down after that. Sigh...
Are you clicking the little film strip icon in the editor? That should bring up a pop box that you paste the URL into.
Ok. Thanks.
I don't know if this has ever been brought up before, but would it be possible to just have another tag (maybe like a key fob or something) that you can tag the hole with after putting out? Seems like that would be a simple way to make the putting stats more useful. You could incorporate the tag into a divot tool or something.
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