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Lol. Well I guess I have been the champion for brevity.
Working on swinging to the right. Key#4 is my forever piece. still using the thoughts/feels from the previous post. Contact's a little iffy. Pushed the heck out of this wiffle ball but pretty happy with the positions. From the top. Any thoughts?
On my way out so just quickly,Subtract the number on the club from 12 to get approximate fly-roll ratio. Example: 7iron. Subtract 7 from 12 and you get 5. So the fly to roll ratio is 1 to 5, for ever foot of flight you'll get roughly 5 feet of roll. A PW is a 10 iron so you'll get roughly 2 feet of roll for every foot of flight. Experiment a bit to dial in your particular irons but it's s good rule of thumb to start from. Modern lofts will tweak the formula a bit so play...
Absolutely. You start with the rule of 12 and experiment with real life chips and adjust to your set and swing characteristics, AoA and whatnot.
Oops, you're right, it was the subsequent Chi Chi story where they birdied.
I agree. He didn't break, or even bend any rules. He used a creative strategy to make birdie. Good job I say. If they want to put up a tree so be it, but until they do he should take that route every time.I will concede that it might be a good idea to get his caddie to scope out the other fairway to ensure he isn't hitting into another player.
QFTIt's not that it "stopped working", it's that you stopped doing it. Video is your friend, feels can change, video doesn't lie.
Yeah, perfect situation for this technique.
Great method for little bump'n'run chips from just off the green. As Ray Floyd likes to say, chipping is simply putting with loft. Pretty fool proof method and if combined with the rule of 12 to understand fly-to-roll ratios, quite a deadly little tool to have in your toolbox.
Artistic/creative property, copyright infringement, patent violation, intellectual property...call it what you will, the underlying premise is that these, somewhat intangible, things belong to the creator and stealing is stealing FULL STOP. The problem is that these "things" are so ethereal, so hard to nail down that we have yet to come up with comprehensive and clear laws to protect the creators. It's unfortunate but that's the case, we have a hard time keeping up with...
New Posts  All Forums: