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Ball position a little more forward, stand retardedly close to it, lots of extension through impact, Bat Signal to the sky! 
Yes, it definitely is. I find stance width varies a lot from day to day, not to mention the lie or surface you're standing on. FWIW, I agree this is a bit wider than my "normal" stance.  I also find weight transfer easier with a narrower stance but this one is still within my comfort zone.
I think you could do it. You just have to move the sweetspot out far enough for a regular shank and then move it MOAR FURTHER than that. Basically hit it with the backside of the hosel. Voilá, pull shank.
By the way, your man Gmac was awesome on Friday. Sticking it close on every approach, he was inside Luke Donald and Wier all day. He also looks just so damn personable. 
So, so very good.
That sounds like a weight shift issue, hanging back and swiping across with a low point that's too far back. I'd go here, and look at key#2 videos. I really like the one where you squish a little spongy ball under your lead foot during the downswing.  It's all just guessing without video though. If you're really in a slump it would be worth your while to post some video. Make sure your camera angles are good, read this...
They should swap pants.
Yeah, but I didn't know who he was. I tried to order a hotdog from him...didn't go over very well... That was my first, and possibly only, chance to see PGA pros live. Standing directly behind a tee box when one of these guys hits a drive is absolutely mind-blowing.
Ha Ha! Hey wait...wadya mean???
Hey Brian! Awesome looking swing. Looks like you're absolutely killing that driver!
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