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I suppose you could always try painting them...
Here's a little clip of Milan Lucic being his douchey-self.  Such a scum-bag, such a prototypical Bruin. No class.   https://vine.co/v/M1HjInBhzex   sorry, can't embed.
Gotcha. Good to know, but this problem would be mitigated to the point of "non-factor" by choosing a "virtually" flat spot on the green right? Like a 1% slope?
I thought the standard technique was to run 3 balls in one direction and then 3 balls in the opposing direction and take the average as your stimp?
With a stimp meter, but good luck getting one of those for a reasonable price.If you take an Aimpoint class you'll learn how to measure stimp but I can't explain how without teaching you Aimpoint first.I have an iPhone app call iStimp that seems to work well but I haven't had a chance to test it against a known stimp so I don't know how accurate it is. Just hit some putts on the samples and see if it seems overly slow or overly fast. Ideally you'll want something that...
I can't believe he was able/willing to play on! 20 hornet stings is some serious business!!!
LOL. Awesome!
I would agree with this. I have been buying recycled balls from http://www.knetgolf.com for a while now. Once you buy your first batch you get on their mailing list, it's awesome because they have huge sales all the time so I wait for a big sale and 5 dozen at a time. I play DT Solos and right now with no sale going on I can buy 5 dozen in mint condition for $52. Last time I purchased with a sale I spent $36 for 5 dozen mint.  Now a days I just wait till I get an email for...
I would make sure that:   a) the ply (like @boogielicious said) is tight enough that putts roll true, if its too bumpy or shaggy your ball won't hold it's line properly   b) make sure that it stimps at a reasonable speed, like around a nine or even a bit more. If you're practicing on a super slow (or super fast) carpet, that could screw up your distance control so you want something that is comparable to the green speeds you usually see on your courses.    c) don't...
Wow. You know, it's not very often that a thread in a golf forum can make me sad, but this one sure does. I'm very disappointed in some of the view points being expressed in here. I'll write more later but, wow, really guys? Edit* I took the time to skim through the thread and it's not as bad as I thought. It's really just @Abu3baid that I'm disappointed in, really ignorant viewpoint.
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