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Ha Ha!
Hooray! Another poster that can spell "definitely"! We were on the endangered list but we're making a comeback! Welcome to the Trap. My condolences to your employer.
Amen.  I gotta say though, knowing and understanding the keys beats the hell out of stumbling around in the dark, frightened and confused! Even before watching my videos I knew my key 1 wasn't as solid as it should be and I knew my weight shift was sloppy. I probably could have refocused and brought those two key under control right there and then, but I was determined to stay completely focused on hitting the ball to the right and not hooking any and I just cannot focus...
Ahhh, I see. I had to look up White Elephant Gift Exchange, never heard (or should that be herd?) of that.
What, no pics?
What do you recommend? I usually just buy what's on sale. I mostly only use it to thin out my hoisin&lime sauce a bit although I have started to make tuna tartar more frequently and I use soya in that recipe.
   Yeah, thanks for insights guys. I agree that my keys 1&2 were in the shitter that day (see below). That's where I usually breakdown when I try to introduce something new, even a little static thing like changing the face at set-up can throw me out of whack (mind like a squirrel). Just gonna chalk this up as a bad day. I was actually kinda hungover that day and forced myself to go to the range as I had already put it off the two previous days because my honey-do list is...
I think he's proposing a trading session for all our unwanted gifts (improving your lie?) after the holidays.
Why is the 7i labeled as an 8 and why is the 6i labeled as a 5?
Umm..yes please! That looks absolutely dee-lish!
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