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This.It's almost like some people (not meaning you @Gunther ) feel that disagreement is rude.:-?
You should upload an avatar too.   People have a hard time identifying with this:    
Nope, I'm good, but thanks. Same here, but living Montreal is as close to living in Europe as you can get without leaving the continent. Even women you meet for the first time are not the least bit taken aback when you kiss them once on each cheek. WARNING - if you count cheeks and get to 3 on the same woman you may have taken it too far.  
A gynaecologist wearing a speedo?
Excuse my ignorance, but on your shoe? 
You Cali guys sure know how to party. I shoulda known @Barney's a swinger! 
They only filmed the best holes, or to put it another way, the A-holes. 
Huh? There's a guy in that pic? I was vaguely aware of some boats somewhere behind Amanda.
As you swing down from the top try squeezing your elbows together all the way to the finish. This may help.YMMV.
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