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I thought Ben was in prison when I read the thread title...
I'll take the lower score and you can have the optimal distance. 
Maybe he'll start calling people butthole and asshat! Lol.
Hips should go 45* and shoulders should be around 90*.   I don't think anyone can give you a definitive answer to your question, you're kinda into feel territory here. Some guys will need to focus on their hips some guys will need to focus on their left shoulder, for some it will be right shoulder, or trail knee, or lead knee...some guys will need to feel a sensation of restriction, some guys will need to feel a hugely exaggerated turn and so on and so forth. Best bet is...
I think I heard a commentator say that Ciganda knocked that 3w 295 at one point during the tourney, can anyone confirm that? Seems unlikely although she really puts a hell of a move on the ball.
Yep, that was a bonafide choke on that putt, didn't even burn an edge, not even close. Hopefully she can make light of it like this girl:http://www.golfchannel.com/media/ik-kim-makes-light-infamous-missed-putt/
Ready golf is perfectly legitimate and even encouraged by the powers that be. You may keep an official handicap while playing ready golf. All good. You're welcome.
I never tuck my shirt in, however I wear all appropriate golf clothes so I don't get hassled. If you're wearing cargo shorts they may make you tuck in the shirt out of spite but I've never had an issue. 
Most middle-of-the road courses stimp at about 9-10 or so in my experience, usually closer to 9. Yes, the iStimp tends to read the greens as faster than they are. I don't use it. The best way is to make some putts under known conditions and correlate to your chart till you find the corresponding stimp, you need to have good speed and line control for this. I usually just assume it's about a 9 and adjust from there based on the first few putts. That's a tip I got from...
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