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They lied about the come ridaree.
I just bought a 2004 Cleveland Launcher 330cc driver for $3.00! Near mint condition. Needs a new grip but other than that it's in great shape! Haven't hit it yet, but shit, for $3 I can't really go wrong. I paid for it with a handful of change I dug out of my front pocket, lol.
Just looked at the pictures in that article and I think it would be a wonderful thing if this Adrian Peterson fella were to get really sick and die.
Reread the post. I don't own those, just like looking at them. First impressions after playing this morning is that they are fairly dead feeling compared to my old set, not sure I like them but the the miss hits definitely produce better results. We'll see. Playing again on Sunday and then a big drunken bar scramble on Monday. 
Well I'm already happily married so I'd probably just f**k one of them and call it a day.
UPS finally showed up last night! Bright, shiny things!!   YAY!    Seriously shiny!   We'll see about the grips, they'll be fine for the end of the season but I'll probably swap them out when Golftown has the February grip sale.                    
Things are looking up in Quebec. We had a separatist Provincial Government in place but it was a minority government. They called a snap election because their polls told them they could secure a majority government on the backs of embarrassingly zenophobic bill proposal called the Quebec Charter of Values. A horrific piece of anti-everybody who is not francophone/white/Christian (and in that order thank you very much). The bill's opponents, such as myself, referred to it...
  Yeah, the similarities between this and the Quebec referendums run deep. 
I sometimes use my golfball to try clean the towel a little bit.
From what I understand based on the stuff I heard on the radio, it can range from a few years of jail time to simple probation. Life is off the table.
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