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No kidding. The playoff was just the 18th over and over again (I hate that) and her tee shots were landing within a foot or two of her divots from the previous approach shot. Scary consistent.
My carpet stimps at 11.5 according to the iStimp app on my phone. Seems about right based on putts I've hit on that carpet.
Does this count?     Here's one with a whole pile of girl's names in it!
Obviously veering OT here, but FWIW I've always described 5sk as a "teaching method" not a "swing method".
Great win for Ko, but I was really impressed by Ciganda's power. She was killing that 3w. No WAY I'd let her play from the ladies' tees!
I agree that both those things can help by minimizing the differential between path and face, but he could have easily framed those exact same tips in a way that didn't propagate misinformation and that's where I take issue.  He could have said, "here's a quick tip to help keep you in the fairway, but ultimately you'll need to do this..." Then the golfer can make an educated decision as to whether he's happy with the McTip that minimizes the damage or if he want's to delve...
I imagine that everyone involved wants to avoid the circus that was created when Foley came on board and everyone started freaking out about the evils of SnT. Obviously 5sk is NOT and never has been SnT but many people seem to have problems grasping that. 
Jesus Lord Thunderin' ****!!!   It's almost 2015 and I just got spammed with a Michael Breed video about how to fix your slice...with the old ball flight laws. Why are these guys being so God damn obtuse.   Freakin' guy is advocating a stronger grip (which is fine) and a slightly closed clubface at address...   I left a comment but it's being held for moderation...I won't hold my breath.  
Please read this and repost properly.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/38240/my-swing-video-threads-rules-please-read   If you have questions about embedding the videos you can PM me.   Edit: I see a moderator did it for you.
Just make sure you lock up the silverware.   Brooklyn Decker
New Posts  All Forums: