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Read the instructions again please. Maybe a mod will come along and fix it for you but in the meantime, please review the instructions.
Great key 5 work.
Agreed. I don't know why knee high socks are so damn erotic but there is no denying their primordial powers.
Can't seem to keep my eyes on the ball.
Bookmarked for later.
Just saw the Speith ad for the first time yesterday while watching the final round of the Valero, I find them kinda creepy too. Creepy in a Tontj5 kind of way...  
Hurts like hell just reading about it!
1: Moving backwards off the ball in the BS (key 1) 2: Poor or reverse weight shift (key 2)   Screwing up 1 makes 2 very difficult and you can forget about any semblance of consistent contact. And if you don't have consistent contact you can forget about everything else, 'cause it ain't happening.
That's how I'd interpret that sign too! No beer! But hardstuff's ok.
@boil3rmak3r , pony up the extra $35 and gas money to take the in person. If you're going to invest in something don't invest halfway, you'll regret it later and likely end up taking the class anyway. I haven't seen the DVDs but I suspect they make a great supplement to the class, but as others have stated (over and over), they don't replace the real deal. It's like the SnT book, great book, but ultimately all but the very few will still need an instructor to get them...
New Posts  All Forums: