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Lots of good pointers and suggestions in this thread. Do both clubs have relatively fresh grips in similar condition? Are they both "fit" to you?If it's not the gear then my money is on a flip. Do you hit the 58* noticeably higher than the 54*?Counter-intuitive but try hitting the 58* "softer".
My coach wants me to visualize a line on the target side of my head that goes down to the ground. Gotta keep my head behind that line, creates more secondary axis tilt, better extension and ultimately, more explosiveness. Should give you a higher ball flight (but still piercing) and more distance. Well worth working on this piece if you don't have any other, more pressing issues.
Well, for starters, the guy in the bottom pic looks like he'll live. Lol.
We were gonna go with the Mighty Ducks but it was too far ahead of it's times. In any case, I'll stay on topic here: North American football sucks regardless of the number of downs. Yeah, that's right, I said it!Booyah!
Soon as it gets dark, I'm hitting the course for 9 holes of night golf! Then I'm setting my alarm real early for 9 holes of morning golf!
Bullspit!! We invented hockey. Check..............Mate. 
Nor crumpets.
Took me a while to figure this out! When talking about the loft of a particular club, I'm generally referring to its loft in degrees, not its loft relative to another club. Lol, I was all like, what the **** is he talking about??? A 6.5* 7 iron? He really is a beast, I dunno if I'd even get that ****er airborne.
What, no coupons???     Just kidding, welcome to TST. Most of us regulars are very much with you on the importance of getting quality instruction. I'm glad you found a good instructor.
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