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That's not infrared. Looks like some goofy editing effect.
Just perused the article, why in Sam Hell is he wearing an eye patch?
WHAT????? Your parents like Progresso soups? Screw them!
But if we all did that where would we get employees to work for our businesses?? OT, I guess, but that doesn't seem to be an answer.
Yea, what are we gonna do about that? It's not just the US by the way.
Angry? I think you're hilarious, you given me much mirth. I'm sure it'll start to wear thin if you don't have any more material, but for now I'm really enjoying laughing at you.
Like @Golfingdad said, there's little to no correlation between shaft lean at address and shaft lean at impact. You NEED to have it at impact, at address it just a personal preference thing and not in anyway mandatory nor taboo.
New Posts  All Forums: