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Lol. I'm sure your neighbours will be thrilled.
Yep. I've only played about 5 times this year. By this time last year I probably had around 25 rounds in.
That's because you're a bitter little troll of a man.
Nope, it's still in the box. It's been pretty tough to get out golfing so far this year. Seems to be guaranteed to piss rain anytime I've got the time.I'll definitely post when I get set-up.
Yeah, you can buy commercial ones but they just break. I replace the wiffle ball after a couple practice sessions as it starts to get eff'd up. Very cost effective.
I made it, it's just a wiffle ball tied with a long piece of string. The pad is a cheap Callaway "Launchpad" golf mat.
Googling now!3 () thumbs up for the hometown girl!
Hard to believe how many lock-outs we've witnessed just to keep on doing the same stupid crap. Zero sympathy for the owners ever. They're the victims of their own subterfuge, always have been, always will be.
Now if only I could find some time to actually play golf...
I'd wager that very few escorts are wives.
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