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Here's the thing: you don't get to start new every day, your past behaviour is still your behaviour. Own it or atone it. You can't have it both ways.
  LOL. Poor guy...
Years ago I saw one where they buried a guy dressed as a zombie inside a huge flower planter at the mall. People would sit on the bench next to the planter and he'd start clawing his way out of the dirt in true zombie fashion. One teenage chick freaked out and started kicking him in the face. She was kicking pretty hard, like save your life hard. 
QFT.  Ha ha. Now that's funny!
Yo mama so fat when she hauls ass she gots to take two trips!
Who the **** wears 2 watches?
I voted no. There is a time and a place for FIGJAM's comments and that wasn't the time nor place IMO.
I liked it. It was cerebral.
Too lazy to type it out.
FWIW, I had Winn lites on all my irons last year and they were very comfortable, nice feeling grips, BUT they wear out ridiculously fast. I wouldn't use them again. Just my 2 bits. I love Lamkin Crosslines but may go with NDMC (or maybe corded crosslines) next season for the extra traction. I'm also a no-glove guy.
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