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That is a shitload of flying.
A green golf ball, really? 
The long game is far easier to improve and has fewer variables much more difficult to master and has a far higher SV than the short game... There, fixed. My goodness, that whole sentence was a typo...
I would feel like a world class douche asking someone not to recline their seat on an airplane. I fly a lot and have never had someone ask me to not recline my seat, but if I did I would tell them to take a bus next time.    My advice to the OP is to select the first row of seats whenever possible, you'll have a bulwark in front of you instead of seats. 
Don't know about hands, but in my experience people cut off their nose to spite their face ALL THE TIME. I think it's hilarious and usually laugh out loud when they do. Idiots.
I've just never been great on the range. You know how many threads there are about "how do I take my range swing to the course?", lol, well I'm the opposite. Which is fine by me, **** the range, I have unlimited playing privileges.
I am quite sure that I am not the only person completely baffled by this post. Explain thyself @Grndslmhttr3.To respond to the OP and get back on topic, I don't really do much warm up and never the range. The range puts me in think Golf Swing mode and that's the last place I want my brain when I'm golfing, I want to be in target mode. My only real warm up will be pitches and chips at the practice green and a few putts to get the stimp. Never more than 10 minutes or so. If...
Interesting take. You mean like, "I can't accept the 2 strokes because what I did was really shitty and I deserve to be DQ'd for being a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater so I will WD in utter shame."IF that was the case, the reporting was crap and her PR team dropped the ball, although maybe they just hoped no one would notice and make a big deal out of it, which seems to be the case as far as the LPGA is concerned.I'm not buying it simply because if that was the case the...
I hate the driving range. Wish they sold little buckets at my closest range, 70 is way too many and I lose focus and start sucking. Hit 10 1/4 swings with my 56* then 5 1/4 swings with my 6i. All good. Next 20 balls just alternated between 6i and 4h, working on my face angle and curvature. Hitting it great, high and soaring. Then I starts getting sweaty, harder to grip club, harder to swing easy, harder to focus. Started hitting low burners and even slices. Dropped back...
Lol. Yeah, my favourite bar sponsored scramble is in 2 weeks. They bus us out in school buses loaded with free beer. 40 minutes to the course and we've all had at least 2 before getting on the bus. Last year I was at 6 before teeing off. Unlimited beer on the course and then the bus full of beer for the ride back to the pub. Classic scramble, had to close one eye to cut my prime rib.
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