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So my driver requires .335 tip and I took it to be re shafted and I see the specs on the shaft say its a .350 tip. How did that fit?
I have an AJ 60 stiff shaft in my driver. It's splitting at head. It's done. Anyone know what the specs are on it? Does to 60 stand for 60 grams? Help. Best shaft I ever used in driver but their website is still running 2009 Labor Day sale.
I am a weekend golfer with a 2.1 so no interest in swing change.  I was thinking maybe something with my wedges so they dont dig as much.  Maybe more bounce, etc.
So my swing is steep, take big divots especially with wedges.  Other than changing the angle of attack, is there anything I can do or should get with my equipment to help this?   Thanks.
Does anyone know where to buy a blank yardage book that Long uses for Tour courses?
Check out www.sparegolf.com.  Its brand new.
No club repair expert out there?
They are steel shafts.  I was thinking of using these: http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_WBE60_A_cn_E_2555   Maybe the lighter the better just not sure.
I need to lengthen some new irons and I see that there are now wood extenders.  Any thoughts/insight on the best extender.  I typically use graphite ones.
Anyone have any experience with Artificial Turf And Putting Greens?
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