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Does anyone know where to buy a blank yardage book that Long uses for Tour courses?
Check out www.sparegolf.com.  Its brand new.
No club repair expert out there?
They are steel shafts.  I was thinking of using these: http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_WBE60_A_cn_E_2555   Maybe the lighter the better just not sure.
I need to lengthen some new irons and I see that there are now wood extenders.  Any thoughts/insight on the best extender.  I typically use graphite ones.
Anyone have any experience with Artificial Turf And Putting Greens?
I am building my own backyard putting green.  Where is best place to buy the turf from? Any help or recommendations would be great.  I did the search in the forum and I get lost in the forest so posting a new thread here.  Also, for what it is worth I live in Orlando.
Anyone ever build one? Any recommendations for DIY sites for this? I see people sell kits to build it but still seems like you could do it cheaper if build your own from scratch.
My daughter wants to get a custom headcover of our dog? We found a website that has a bunch of breeds but ours is a unique breed.  Was wondering if anyone knows of someone you can send photos and they make the headcover like they do the bobble heads.
thats not a bad idea at all.  I am tired of mis-reading putts on greens I play 40x times at least a year.
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