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Posture issue meaning hands are too low?
The first two were 6 irons, next two were 9 irons.  Need to go flatter? How much?    
I am 6'6 so I length my clubs.  My question is for the driver.  I know that adding length will increase swing weight but how else does it change the specs for a graphite driver shaft.  For example, if the shaft weight is 67 grams, adding 2 inches does what? I assume adds weight but is it just adding the weight of the extension?   Thanks
Great responses.  I think it confirms my thought that it is ball position.  I think on the course it get it even further forward thus resulting in a random top.
  Here is driver video
I know, its the worst.  I have made some pretty good pars :)   I will take a video and get it on here soon.
Ok, I know this may be obvious but its very frustrating considering I am a low single digit handicap but my one miss off the tee and with my 3 wood is a top shot.  It rears its ugly head once every third or so round and sometimes happens more than once a round.  I play the ball pretty far forward in my stance with the driver.  My assumption is its too far forward.  Do you think that's fair assumption? I will try and get a video loaded just don't have one on work computer.
Clubs4cash or proclubs.com? Are they legit? Pay timely? etc   Thanks
Good thought. You may be one to it.
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