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Picker?? Seems contrary to your screen name...LOL
Help!   I am a digger.  That is my swing.  That is how I play.    So, I am sure its related to my swing being steep but I am awful out of the fairway bunkers.  Its either terribly fat or such a thin shot it will hit the smallest of lips.    Any advice on how to improve this other than don't hit it in the bunker?
Also, looks like my weight is either staying on my left side or I am shifting it there instead of turning
My miss is a top shot recently with tee ball which sucks and my divots are far out in front of the ball.  I am thinking I am not getting enough back/shoulder turn on backswing. Thoughts?   Videos:
Thanks! I will check these out.
I am currently in physical therapy as I have been suffering from back pain but spasms on left side.  It appears we have pinpointed the issue as a intercostal muscle strain on the left side.  Also, my hip flexibility is awful.  For example, if I sit in a chair and try and put my left foot on my right knee, I cannot get it there without using my hands to pull up my foot.  I can do the right foot to left ankle with no help.  So, if I am not able to open up the left hip they...
Instructors,   Can having an open stance cause more toe shots? I tend to set up open but lately my misses are off the toe.  I have been tinkering with lie angle but I am thinking it may also be caused by open stance.  Thoughts?
Posture issue meaning hands are too low?
The first two were 6 irons, next two were 9 irons.  Need to go flatter? How much?    
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