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Jack Nicklaus wore white shoes. I think I'll wear white shoes too. :D In all seriousness it is probably just a trigger. It works for him but I would suggest finding your own trigger. Tinker with it and see if it works, but if it doesn't don't try to press the issue.
Are you trying to hit "down" on it by leaning your upper body too far in front of it?
Very common problem, but also make sure the left hip gets AHEAD of the ball.
Heavier club makes for more BALL speed, but not clubhead speed.
Parallax is more or less about the position of the camera when trying to view video. But there is also the problem of parallel lines coming to a point along the horizon. Generally I find it is best to just assume you want to hit a draw or fade and forgo always trying to hit it straight. Align the face left or right of the target, then align your body double that amount. You'll do far better around the course when you stop trying to play straight shots.
I am a firm believer in a firm RIGHT leg that the left shoulder turns around to create coil in the backswing. Then the right leg pushes forward which ever so slightly increases the torque. Then the body unwinds from the bottom up starting with the right leg, up the hips, torso, shoulders, and finally arms. Problems arise often when someone tries to circumvent this system. The MOST common I see is when the shoulders try to uncoil at the same time. Just to clarify,...
What must you do with your lower body in order to get the right shoulder to go down and forward as I prescribed?
Find a nice open grassy area where no one is around and you can throw a ball. Get some sort of medium sized target about the size of a basket for range balls. You could use a pillow, 5 gallon bucket, etc.. Get a golf ball, or some other small object to throw at the target. Set your target about 10 feet away from you and align yourself to it as if it were your target in golf. Take your golf stance and posture with the ball in your right hand. Now throw the ball at...
I know guys that have been playing for 10 years and still struggle to break 100. (No, they aren't students :D) There is no set rule.
Being relaxed is more than just not putting in effort. If you can learn to become acutely aware of small amounts of tension that creep into your swing, you will discover a lot about your swing. Understand that tension is either internal, or reactionary. Either you force yourself to tense up, or you re-route the club to put it where you want it as opposed to just swinging with it.
New Posts  All Forums: