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What state are you in? Here in New Jersey Golf is a spring sport where football is in the fall. I just assumed it was the same way across the country. 
The most i ever did in a row was 213. Cut off the top of the index finger on my left hand and was out of work for a month. couldn't use the hand so i learned to do that with the other. It was a long month.
Been trying for years to get my brother into the game. Hopefully this is the year it happens. He is already registered to play in a May outing with me so hopefully it sticks. 
I'll pay as soon at i get home from work. I know its not deadline, but sorry for the delay. 
awesome. thanks for your work on this.
Good Luck.
Sounds like you don't like what you are hearing. My advice is to listen to your golf pro, not a bunch of anonymous guys on the internet.    There are a lot of people here that know a lot about the game, but we don't know about your game. Stick with it and follow the advice of your pro. It will work out. 
im in
The course that I play the most requests that we turn the keys in following the round.
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