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Are they still considered legendary? Anybody play them?
Go see an orthopedist. It's better to address a issue now than something much worse later.
Brand loyal? Me? No. I play Titleist mostly but like Srixon, Bridgestone, Wilson and Fuzz! I change balls during a round because it just CAN"T be me than makes the ball go weird places!
I begin my round with three balls. Two reasons, I walk and am concerned with weight and two, I always find a dozen or so.   I have about 40 dozen mint balls in my office closet and about 20 dozen less than mint in the garage. I give away the less than mints to high school golf teams from some of the poorer schools.
Rather than compare the Golf Academy with the Professional Golfers College        aask                 , go visit some local club pros. Get THEIR opinion and advice.   New Mexico State University has a golf degree program http://business.nmsu.edu/academics/pgagm/degree-requirements/ 
Wow, what a great question and hard to estimate but here goes...I began playing in 1961. Like others I've had periods of high activity and many with little or no play. So 1961 to 2011 is 50 years...say 25 with no activity. I was the club leader in rounds for two years running in 2005-2006 with something like 580 total...and something like 1x a week for the other years so maybe approaching 2000...that sounds about right. Wouldn't it be interesting to have my clubs from...
I've lived in different areas some humid and others dry. I discontinued gloves as a financial move about 10 years ago. I rarely practice (not bragging) because I don't have the temperment. I like to hit wedges and putt but my back can't handle the continued bending. My scoring improved because my mental outlook changed.
Putting used to be the strength of my game. Recently I noticed that I tend to miss most of my putts on the left side. So I got an oversize grip and it seems to prevent my hands rolling over at the point of contact. Also a center-shafted putter works better for me. I also need a new prescription for my glasses!
Typically a 48, 56 and 60. Then in late Spring when the grass grows out a little I'll replace the 60 with a 64.
New Posts  All Forums: