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Just to close on the topic of the reviews: I get demo and prototypes most of the time and I spend around 5-7 days playing them, then I give feedback back to the rep. My reviews I post here originally was to keep an archive for myself, but I thought that if I keep it simple, most people would find it easier to read, plus they can get the club features from the company direct. . And I try to not put too much personal opinion, specially because I know I love my own set...
  1. Sorry for the review, please tell me what extra info you are expecting of me. 2. I forgot to mention... this new hybrid that I have, I installed a premium shaft that's 2 inches longer than any 4H I own... I can hit any normal length 4H flush.     hope it clears it up.         Thank you, I will try that in a few minutes. It's time for me to learn good long iron game.
Thanks for the video. That's definitely not my problem, since my club is always infront of my hands on take away. In fact, it may have gone up a little too steep.
Driver and anything from 6i-LW I have pretty decent control, however, hitting 3i-5i as well as a 4H is troublesome for me.   I can feel hitting them all thin on 3i-5i and end up with a low left to right ball. Whereas 4H I kept topping it.   I have a steep swing...  I was under the impression that we use 1 swing for all clubs, but I also heard that the longer the iron, the more you have to have a 1 plane swing / wrap the club around you? Thus flattening...
I'll weigh my 56 and 60 Mizunos...   Well I found out that my Mizuno 56 is 455g and my Miura K grind is 485g, that's a huge difference, specially since the C and Y grinds are both the same as in 485g.   I'm going to try counter weighing the K-grind and see how it swings before I order a custom C - Y - Grind. I truly like the feel of the Miura wedges... but again... it all comes down to stopping power for me.
I've been playing Mizuno wedges for a long time now after switching from Clevelands. But recently to complete my Miura bag, I was going for the C-grind and Y-grind.   I play a 60*5 Mizuno wedge around the green and from 90 yards in and I love it. I was expecting a lot when I was testing the Y-grind, and for me, it feels as if the Miura wedge, (like my K-grind) is heavier, doesn't feel as good as the mizuno and it doesn't have as much stopping power.   As...
My equipments are expensive and rather hard to get than just off the shelf retail.   As much as I would like to share, preventing "accidents" that will test people's integrity is priority for me. What if you allow them, then they wreck your driver, then promised to pay you back for it, but never did? You'll be out of $$ and you'll be angry as hell.   I've been burned too often in other things that I learn to not trust other people.   But that guy who just...
If I were you, I'd have snagged my club back, talk to him calmly in a very threatening way, but that's because I'm a skilled fighter and I can back it up.   Whoever does that whether it's golf or anything else in life deserves a little spanking. That's not excusable. He's the rude and selfish one.
I have Brand new unused Miura hats (the most recent release) .   sz: S/M Color: Black with Red letters            White with Black Letters   Total of 2 each style.   The material they use on these hats are actually better than most and it looks a lot better in person than on photo.   S/H is $4 per hat or $6 for 2 hats.   Send me a PM if you are interested.   Cheers.
Yea, looks like a fast back swing with a fast aggressive down swing works best for me. But sometimes I leave the club head a little open, so I'm going to play with ball placement a little.
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