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I used to not care how I swing back, but I know when I swing down, I kill the ball. But sometimes I hit it right or left depending if i sway or not.   In quest of more control, I ended up with an almost flawless back swing, but smoother and slower yet still be very aggressive on the downswing.   Problem with this is, ever since the change, I'm lacking power and my shots have gotten worse.   A pro today told me to just swing back aggressive and swing down even...
I was playing a great round today, shot 3 over on the front 9 then the wind picks up to about 25mph. I use a scotty blade putter and a pendulum swing because the greens here are very very fast.   The wind knocked my putter back and out of line and I missed multiple putts .   has this happen to you? What do the pros do in this situation?
I hear you on this one and I understand. I'll try to balance it out and not get frustrated too much.Actually I never rush in before my friend to fix his, I just calmly tell him that he has been killing them green. Problem is if I fix his marks, he'd laugh and think I'm a know it all busy body.He also thinks he is a better golfer than me and knows more, which is true... He is a better golfer than me and he is 20 years older.So about his share, it's like damned if I do,...
In my book, you are the reason these morons don't take responsibility because you keep cleaning up After their own mess.I pay to play and clean up after my own stuff, not to work for someone else.And you haven't seen me be a douchebag in the highest order, I can show it to you given the chance in real life.
Because its come to a point that it doesn't make a difference and I'm just not going to clean up after other ppl ever again. If you like cleaning after other ppls mess, nothing wrong with that. I'm just not going to any more. And won't play that course anymore at this rate. @Zeg, ok, if it's 1 close to mine, yea, I'll do it, but I won't go out of my way anymore for redoing a bunch. Fix 1 or 3 and in a week, there's 20 more feels like. It's useless on this course.
I don't fix other ppl's anymore... I'm not their servant.
This is EXACTLY the picture that is attached to our golf carts and it's on HIS side of the seat too!!!!   Lord, people can be such bigots.   I played at a PGA course today and 3 of my puts missed because there was a tiny dead ball mark that made it jump off course a little.
his tool is just a basic one. It has 2 prongs and that's about it.   I use the Scotty Cameron Pivot tool and I asked the pro-shop to teach me how to use it. So far all the marks I fixed were healed perfectly...   But yea... it's annoying to see these ball marks all over the place on the green, specially ones that disrupts the ball's path.
He hit the green leaving a ball mark and I told him not to push down on the handle and rip the grass upwards.   It's just annoying that the course I play at basically look like a polka dot green with dead ball marks all over the place.
I have a friend who has been fixing his divots by stabbing and pushing down on the divot handle and now, he's twisting his fork. I kept telling him not to do that and do it in reverse instead and he wouldn't listen because our other friend who was the state's high school champ did it the same way. It's bothering me... I remember where some of his divots were and I showed him the bald dead spot... Still deaf ears. What would you ppl do in my situation?
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