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I plan to post the pictures today when it's brighter and I can take better photos.
Selling my mp68 5-PW. Shaft: project x 6.0 New golf pride bct tour cord grips . Blue Everything in good condition. Most used club is 6i . Least used club is 5i , which looks practically brand new. I just recently swapped to 6.0 with the new grips and haven't hit the clubs since. All specs are standard.
OP, I wrote a review on the RBZ hybrid, go read it.   I personally like it, but I needed a stiffer tipped shaft, so instead of the stock re ax shaft, I grabbed a Matrix Altus. But yes... RBZ 4Hybrid Tour for me = 243-249yds , and much easier to hit than my 3W off the deck.
even though I put the ball slightly forward for my 4 and 5 irons? 4 Hybird play like 7i ? (I used to do this and it worked until someone told me I should play it forward)
Ah yes, my ball flights are really low too. So thanks for letting me know. I think it's time that I learn to deal with it.
it may sound stupid, but I have a swing thought as if it's a good lie.... and because I was so angry... I became stubborn and trying to make it work.   I didn't realize the condition of the grass until I'm done hitting balls and now that I look at my clubs.. they are all full of grass on the face
I have this range in town which has the best and cheapest balls, but the weirdest border and grass. Whenever I go there to practice, I can't hit a SINGLE shot. It'll be thin, toed, and when I hit it well, I don't take a divot. On drives... no matter how far I address the ball at the toe, I hit it on the heel!   I made almost all kinds of impact errors you can imagine.   The grass is kinda long as if it's not well maintained. To give you an idea, I have to tee...
Yes, I actually went to the range yesterday and put the ball bak to almost center and kept my head level And I hit some powerful shots again. Funny thing is I actually recently sweep a little more with my 4 and 5i.
You are so right...   How can I forget such basic thing.
@Shorty, no, it's not because I can't back up my claims, if I made any... it's more so that I just don't like rude and know it all ppl. I deal with that on daily basis. Like I said, if a person has a voice, then do so in a nice manner. Picking a fight over the internet is such an idiotic thing to do.   Anyhow, thanks for the info... I'm just kinda reluctant to sell my Mizunos , but hey, I think I got enough feedback in this thread to make a decision.
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