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Erik, opinions are fine and I'm not asking for a backslapping... but being a rude little kid and just cause arguments, is just annoying. I don't like arguments in this manner   If someone doesn't like something, voice it in a mature way. And if it's the other way around, do the same.   I know I'm getting the clubs, I was mainly asking if it's worth it to get rid of my Mizunos.
Apoc: Can you please get the **** out of my thread and go to your dad for maturity lessons?   stop being a little bitch kid.  If you want to act tough or stupid, do it in real life where you see the person face to face. And not behind the internet.
Looking for a tm r11 or r11s driver, head only is fine. Prefer 10.5* New or used, send me a pm with a good price. Thanks If you want to trade, I have Mitsubishi kurokage hybrid shaft Fujikura Motore f3 for 3 wood Aldila phenom for driver
Lately I've been having trouble hitting my hybrids... I top them or I hit it fat.   I used to have the ball in the middle of the stance and it works, but lately I put it a little more forward, since that's what I do with 4-5 irons and I hit them fine.
I just got back from a PGA course and I used the entire set of the 1957 baby Miura Blades with PXi 6.0 . Played from the black tees total about 7500+ yds.  Shot 8 over . I think I could have done a little better since I missed my 4 and 5 iron shots 3 times.   ALbeit the small head, they are definitely more solid than my MP68, but less soft.   Going back to the course tomorrow and use my Wilson FG Tour V2 and see how I score.   I do like that solid / stout...
thank you!   I will certainly try the practice and let you know how it goes.   I played today with super sore legs, still shot 8 over at the PGA course, but yes, I can feel the inconsistency at times.
I still think I chicken wing a little because my legs and hips are quite sore from the gym and I felt I couldn't fire them fast enough...
3 Wood: Straight shot. around 240yds carry     This is my **** You driver with hello kitty design and ladies shaft.  250yds carry.  Almost look like a semi hook and strong draw. It's an old traditional wood Driver.  
Doesn't an aftermarket shaft do that? Stock shafts tend to hVe high 3000 spin rate
I actually started using lead tape because I can't feel the weight of my club head on my R11s . So I put 2 layers over the R11s logo and 1 more on the heel side to give it more of a draw bias while keeping neutral face.   I can't wait to try this out at the range.
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