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  He already made a deal with his fitter. Oh and my clubs are "brand new" still in box and shrink wrapped. I wish I found Miura first before buying this 2nd MP68 set from retail store.   Btw, if those are your 2 children in your avatar, they are cute.
WHat would you do when the course you play in has a lot of OB to the right and your bad shots are a push? Play a fade all the time and aim left?
@Golfingdad, thanks for the thread.   @shorty: Love your avatar... is that really your cat or are you the grumpy one? =P  (friendly question btw)   @Gaijinlover: Yea... I guess I'll try to get most of my money back for the brand new set of Mizunos and I'm going to try to sell my 5-PW set that I use.   Just that I have gone through a lot of trouble getting them, fit them, play with them etc... they are my very first set after all.
I think it will, but I'm just a bit hesitant to get rid of my Mizuno clubs... they kinda have a nostalgic value since they are my very first set I played with, even though Miuras have much higher value as pieces of art.
Mizuno MP68 is the first set of clubs I own... and I have 2 sets... 1 to collect and 1 to play. But considering Miura's quality and it's regarded as a piece of art, I'm thinking of selling all of my Mizuno clubs to help pay for the 2 sets of Miura small blades.   I'm still hesitant to do so, but if I think about it... most likely I won't be touching my Mizuno anymore and the 2nd set would probably worth nothing in the future.   What do you guys think?
  I didn't know you can block mods in this forum. In mine you can't. People actually have 2 profiles on a golf forum to cause problems? That's sad
THere is a way to block those members... I recently blocked one.   Keep having fun in here.
Jon, sorry you are frustrated in here, but you know, this forum is FULL of very nice people and ones who are knowledgeable and willing to help.   But like in all places in this world, there's always that 1 or 2 @$$#oles who likes to ruin it for everyone and the semi @$$#oles who thinks that they are high and mighty and will question you without any regards to manners. (I wish I can meet them in person and show these bullies an effective way of bone...
I see this more with longer clubs for certain. But I also tend to aim right, which is something I need to work on (trusting the target line).   That's funny... the way we set up is identical. I put my ball to my left toe, weight slightly on my left foot so that I don't overturn, I tilt back a little and I turn my head to the right so that I can see the ball with my left eye. But I didn't know that setting up like this tend to have open club face... I'm going to...
Sorry, to be clear it's just like a little push shot that doesn't curve back to target. I never hit a shank ^^;    Perhaps I wasn't releasing aggressively enough. Not sure.
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