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So driving distance does matter? When I first started, everyone kept telling me that driving distance doesn't really matter.   IMHO drive it long then it'll eliminate the chances of using long irons / 3woods which have bigger margins of error compared to wedges and mid - short irons.
Actually, I have been wondering, easier swing but one extra club still goes the distance needed? For example, if I need an i7 for 180 yds , I can take an i6 and swing easier , yet it'll still go 180 yds?
I just got back from 13 holes today... (cold 25mph wind) I actually manage to answer some of the questions above myself.   But it'd be great if more experienced players can help me with tips a little?   1. My drives today were: 272yds, 261yds, 326yds, 283yds, 298yds.    I average around 270-280 usually, so I wonder, how can I hit above that like the 326 and 298 yarder?    What was it that made golfers able to do it? I'm not a big guy, only 5'9 and I weigh...
I was on my way scoring below 80 the other day and there comes Par 3s . one was 208 yards downhill and the other is dead straight i7 / 180 yards but the green is raised and 2 giant trees next to each side + water in the front of green and pond next to the tree in the right...   I don't know what it is, but I messed up ALL my tee shots and ended up with an extra +8 on both holes. Really wrecked me mentally...   I hate Par 3s . What do I do?
My 2011 goals:   1. Consistently score 84 or lower 2. Much better chipping and pitching to narrow the ball within 5 feet or less 3. Focus on my timing on long irons and woods  
Oh ECCO makes golf shoes? Interesting. I bought a biz shoe from them once, they aren't bad, but for me they aren't really the best either.   I'm thinking of buying a lesser FJ, since all I have are Icons. What's great for walking and make it comfortable still?
I don't let even my friends hit my clubs. My clubs are mine alone. Avoid a distrust between friends and if someone is going to break my clubs, it'd be me alone.    
Hmm... Unless I'm playing with someone serious, I don't keep a scorecard. Since I just put in my head like +1 , then next hole, add the number to the previous over shot, etc. Works well and easy for me.   But I do pay attention where I start losing my points at which is usually short game / putting. Then I focus on what I did right / wrong on tee shots and approach shots. So those are the ones I usually put in my note pad at home. So the process to me is like...
Sorry, I don't have a video camera right now, besides, these miss hits usually happen when I'm getting tired, yet I try to bang it still. So it's not what I usually do when I'm fresh and happy ^^
Oh, thank you. But problem is I'm inconsistent in terms of striking the ball pure as I mention above in my scoring. IE: Fat / push and bladed   So if some of you can give me advice on the 3 points above, that'd be great.   Also one more question:   . I notice that on the top of my back swing, I feel the coil and my body (smaller circle) , tend to get ahead of my arms, causing a toe shot / push and even fat shots.   So what I do now is try to focus on my...
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