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Thanks, Beach and yes, this forum is full of nice people.   Funny thing is I actually start to invest in it 2 years ago when 3 old people from the embassy beat me senseless on the course on day 1 . =)   In the mean time, would you mind telling me how to prevent the ball to go straight right since I'm swinging to base 1? It happens on and off when I'm scared to ob the ball to the swamps.
@Beach, got it. I met a pro today and I forgot to bring my phone, so no video.   However, he was telling me that I slide too much and I came in a little bit out to in. We fixed that and all I did now is just rotate my hip aggressively and swing from inside to 1 o'clock. THat actually made me hit my balls slightly right and draw it to the middle while I played today.   Now,,, sometimes the ball doesn't draw though and I wonder why it just goes right.   Any...
Beach, I'll ask my friend to do a back video soon. Or do you need front as well?
Erik,   I tried bowing my left wrist during the downswing and even at low speed, I was duck hooking my balls.   Now Whenever I can see the ball on impact on the left side of my left eye and I try to follow through by extending both my arms, the ball goes straighter, but the problem is I don't know if I chicken wing or not. (my old habit for low right ball flight is that my whole body slides forward too much)     @Beach, I focused more on #3 and it surely...
Thank you. Man, looks like I have a lot to study... My head hurts
Thank you for the post, Beach. I'll study it.   to be clear, A4 is the wrist or the entire thing? I was told that my backswing is pretty much perfect according to multiple Pros.
@Beachcomber: I forgot if I have a swing thread or not, if I do, it'd be pretty old. I'll follow your advice and swing naturally, which is pretty aggressive from the top and fix my flaws as much as I can.     Oh, I don't know what "geometry at A4" mean... but I'll google it.   My swing is naturally steeper. Trackman says : Out to in 1*  and in to out 1* . I honestly don't know what the ideal degree is supposed to be.
  Yes, I remember now seeing 82-88mph on 6i on the trackman. He told me that with an R-Flex, my trajectory would be higher and I don't have to swing as hard.   Tomorrow I'm going to special order some PXi 6.0 Shafts for my irons. Oh, I didn't know that too much lags = much more open face = shots to the right...   I completely forgot about #3 . . . my right thumb and trigger finger actually don't touch my grip anymore, it happens because I was trying to cure a duck hook a...
It's true that Pros compress the ball to the turf, but they do it much more so than people like me. I don't know if it's supposed to be heavier and stiffer or not... but I told some other random fitters the above results and they said that the fitter who wants me to go X-Flex on Woods and R-FLex on iron is crazy.   However, I am going to swap out my PX6.0 with PXi6.0.... I like that new shaft ... I think it's less harsh.
Ah ok. Thank you, Collin.
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