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@MDL:   You mean don't bow the wrist too fast or I'll duck hook it? If so, I have done that 2 months ago by trying to release and it was much more frustrating than a slice to me.
OH gotcha! Ok, I'll try that!!   Is this a band aid or it's the correct way to swing?
Ok, I'll try the wrist bow next time and will let you know how it goes. PS: my grip is definitely not weak. Got it checked and it always shows 2 and sometimes 3 knuckles on all clubs.   Btw, did you see my "fitter" thread? If you can share your opinion too, it'd be nice.
Erik, is that the only solution? I tried bowing it a couple of times at the range and it felt uncomfortable. But if you highly recommend me to do so, I'll keep trying...
Well, my fade and push fades are back. Even when I put the face at 3* closed.   Apparently I'm not releasing and the club is open at impact and stays open. According to trackman results open at average of 4.8* with  -1 / +1* plane . So 1* from inside and 1* from outside swing.   I was told that the release should happen naturally... I used to hit a lot of straight and baby draws, so honestly I don't know if I used to release or not. I "THINK" that my club...
    THanks for sharing. That's great. THe X-Flex for sure tightens the dispersion. But if you like the feel, it's probably because the Kaili has a softer tip to the Ahina. Hmm... I'm going to hit some Rayon X-Flexes and see how I like them.   Congrats on the new iron set.         That's good to know. I'm going to actually switch from a PX6.0 to a PXi 6.0 though. The butt end is softer according to true temper and I do like how it feels compared to the rigid PX6.0. About...
Hi   THe fitter told me that first I need to fix my equipment before fixing my swing flaws and bad habits... he said that it'll make it easier.   x100 = PX 6.5 correct?   I agree with your last statement... I know I have a flaw and I want to fix my swing before I upgrade my clubs.     So I guess this fitter just wants me to pay his high fees, it seems like?
  Well, I'm not swinging at 115 - 120mph ... And I think that an X-Flex would be too much for me?   Oh you went from X-Flex to S-Flex on your irons and things got better?  I remember with my PX 5.5 my dispersion was all over the place and PX6.0 actually tightens it up, unless I'm swinging smooth and slow and don't generate enough speed to load the shaft.
No one to give me an opinion about this fitter that I wanted to use? =(
I went to a club fitter to order my Miura blades and I thought that I might as well check all my equipments just so that I can have confidence in them.   The results were confusing to me to say the least. I was really surprised. So I need you guys who are experienced to share your wisdom.   ========================   NOTE: I'm currently fighting a blocked shot to the right with all my clubs. This is my biggest flaw right now.   Equipments used:   R11s...
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