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  185 is when I really crank it up, I actually average 175yds on 7i with nice easy swing.  I'm going to try your advice and see if I can do better that way.         nice advice there. Doubt and fear is definitely what make my swing bad I felt that and re-confirmed. I will re-read your advice again when I get back home.
I was fitted, and my shafts are just right. In fact I just got back from the golf course range and I tried hitting the 150 marker with my 9i... I'm now not sure if it's my aim or my swing, but I hit my balls either right at it, 20 ft right or 20 ft left. All straight balls. My 6i is the same way.   Sigh... I think it's time to get my fundamentals re-checked.
  I meant the high rough on the sides of the fairway. Was just trying to be specific.
You are right, I think it's my ego that overtakes what I can and can't actually do.   I will carefully try to do this next time.   My bad shot has always been a push or a push fade. This happens when I'm unsure of my skill or when I get tired / nervous.
  I hit most of my FIRs. Sometimes I'm a little long and land my balls slightly on the fairway rough. I miss my greens a lot left or right, specially on a longer par 3 that's about 185yds and longer, which is a 6i for me and up. So basically my chip shot is my 1st putt.   If it's a green that's around 175yds, I'd say I hit it 50% of the time, so even that is not great.   Lastly, I usually have trouble if the ball is on the high rough, sitting up on the grass as if it's...
Err... I use c-taper s+ and px6.0. What does this have anything to do with my thread?
1. Does the fairway rough count? (sometimes I over shoot) 2. all the time? 3. Swing easier as in 3/4 swing or just swing easy?
I feel that this is where I'm the weakest right now, when the green is about 175yds + which is 7i and above. I missed so many greens it's not even funny. The only reason I can score in the low 10s is only because I got so used to scrambling up and down with my wedges and more than half the time, I can 1 putt after the chip.   Those of you with more experience in this field, please give me something to work on.   At one point I treat the approach shots as if...
1. Yea, I guess this is the right way then...   PS: I just got back from a tourney and I won the long drive contest.  319 yds.   2. Ok, 3 Wood = hit down. Will try that next time   3. No, so far it has been working for me and I was just wondering if there is a better way or if I should stick with it, since I discover this on my own.   4. So a 9* driver's difference with the 10.5 * is just ball trajectory? No more or less forgiveness for hooks / fades?
Aside from the advice from the members above about too flat of a club lie, you should also take a video of your swing from the back and see if your left shoulder is pulling up and your butt moves forward a little.   This will actually pull your club into you and up a little on the down swing and causes a lot of toe digs.   Most clubs are standard for most people. So check your swing first and see if you have that swing problem.
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