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what a long day that would be lol
To bad I live 7 hours away from Erie
Sure beats me.....
I guess the question is just now where to get lessons.  I can either go to the local public course and get lessons with their PGA certified guy, or Golf Galaxy.  One uses video, and one is an actual course.....both would be great, but can only afford one.  Any input?
So from what I have gathered is that I should just stick with my old x20 irons and just focus on lessons.  I was just thinking that the new SGI irons would help just a little more, but I could be wrong.     I live in the Philly area.....anybody in the area know where I can take lessons?  The only place I can think of is Golf Galaxy and I am unsure on how well their lessons are.  Any input would be great!  I may buy a single blade iron to just give it a shot and mess...
Hey,   I am looking to buy a new set of irons.  I know that the main thing for me to ever improve my game is to get lessons, but I need clubs to play and take lessons with.  My question is would it be better to buy a set of GI irons, or skip that and go straight to blade irons?  I know that GI irons are way more forgiving and being a relatively new player that would be very helpful, but I don't want it to handicap myself by relying on my GI irons and never really...
The Nike SQ Tour Stand bag just came in the mail today.  I must say that at first glance I am in love, but only time will tell how I will like the 14 way divider.  I cannot wait to take it out whenever this rain stops.
Well.....I was between the Callaway X22 or the Ogio Grom bag and ended up with the Nike SQ Tour Stand Bag.....
alright....I have it narrowed down to the Ogio Grom Stand Bag and the Callaway x-22.  The ogio I am looking at is the 2010 model...same with the x-22
I usually carry because I had a TaylorMade Tourino Stand bag.  However it would not take a lot for me to stop carrying.  I can rent pull carts at the courses around me for just a few bucks....I did not know if there was an advantage to one style over the other
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