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2 courses "near" me. The first one which is the better one, but really busy on weekends is 30 minutes drive. The other one is 40 minutes. Before I bought my car I use to do it on my 125cc Honda Wave with my clubs across my shoulders and resting on the back seat! That was fun coming back in the dark on country roads with clueless Thai drivers flying past. I have been known to travel over 3 hours to play golf, but that was to play Amata Springs in Chonburi which is rated as...
I played a course out here in Asia and it was 7500 yards from the tips. Couldn't see a rating on the score card but it's by far the hardest course that I have played. I shot 80, 79, 81 and was really happy with the way I played over 3 days, apart from one or two holes!!   If it were Augusta, I'd be looking to break 90, but I'm probably fooling myself..  
45 - 40.   Not a great day, especially with a big comp tomorrow. Think I might get there a couple of hours early and work on my putting. God knows what's going on, two weeks ago I couldn't miss..
Last four rounds.    41 - 38 41 - 41 45 - 39 39 - 38   Going to have to put some work in on the putting green. Last round I had 5 bogeys and 13 pars. Hit 13 greens in regulation and missed every single birdie put, 5 of them inside 10 feet. Could of been one of those days though as 5 lipped out and 1 done the full 360 degrees.
   I bought him a load of balls and put them in a tray for him. That keeps him happy. The ranges in my area don't cater for toddlers but don't mind him having a little practice either, as long as I collect the balls!
He's already going with me!    http://thesandtrap.com/t/73215/fathers-and-sons   See this thread for the video!!
I took up golf October 2010, I was 32. A friend of mine kept pestering me to go, I put him off numerous times until I finally gave in. He took me to the course, luckily it was deserted. First hole par 4. I took out the driver (borrowed girlfriends clubs) and gave it an almighty swing, the ball was still on the tee and I was almost flat on my ass. Ended up taking a 10 then went on to par the second hole I ever played. I was hooked from that hole on. I can't remember what I...
45 - 38. Really must start to warm up before playing!!
Bad one yesterday 48 - 40. Lost ball on the 2nd, 3rd and OB on the 7th. Found my tempo on the back 9 and had a put on the 18th for 39.
43-41. Getting worse. Hit some nice shots but top too many long irons.
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