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There are many non-designer name branded shirts that have a slim fit or what you refer to as a "athletic" fit. Sligo is one brand that comes to mind, not to mention brands like Puma offer slim fit polo. I also find Nike to be "athletic" fitting myself, this coming from a guy who is 6'0", 165 lbs. Trust me, I'm all for wanting a nice fitted shirt and there are already plenty out there that are not designer branded (JL,RL,Lacoste, etc)
Bye bye Chelsea....Forever United.
That's what my girlfriend paid for one when she was in Florida last spring. Her father bought like 3 plus of pair of TW pants and it was like $95 taxes in.  
I wouldn't even call them a player's cavity back, the TP's are more a player's CB. I would call them a GI CB myself, if you go by sole width.
Agreed, the point of the fitting is to find the right set for you and get the specs to meet your swing pattern. Remember to be open minded during a fitting and not to be narrow minded about brand, if you do that it's basically a waste to be fitted, for the most part.  
If I'm in the States, I always hit up these two places. $20 Nike Dri-fits are too good to pass up on.
I don't think they should be allowed. It's how its always been and how ti always should be. You don't want to wear a skirt to a job where you have to wear dress pants do you?     There will never be a correct answer to this, but lets be honest, it will never effect any of us here, so what difference does it make?
Current Ball: Whatever I end up collecting from working at a course, but the only ball I will actually buy is the Nike Tour D Ball Most Likely to Try: Nike 20XI, being a Tour D fan, have to try it.       Only been golfing two full summers and I have played a lot of different balls because of working at a golf course, you collect a lot of balls from low end to premium. The Nike Tour D is one of only two or three balls that I can honestly say I notice a...
I know everyone is different and you should look at a bunch of different brands/shafts/etc. but I would like to recommend at least looking at the Burner Superfast 2.0 3w. I actually just returned from Golf Town and was testing both the 2.0 and the R11 and I must say, the 2.0 is super long. I was averaging 15-20 yrds further, on average than the R11. I was suggest trying it, with the longer shaft, it will be longer than the average 3w.   This is of course, if you like...
She won big break a few seasons ago, believe it was the Sandals Resort season. She has played in a few events this year.
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