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A beginner you say? A 4W with 16.5 or 17 degrees of loft will serve you much better. IMHO   Bobber
With a 15 cap, I'd say the 825 PRO's are your best choice. Great irons. I just moved this past year into the 800 PRO's, and I'm very happy. You'll be looking for something else in a couple of years anyway. By then, maybe those beautiful blades.   Just my thoughts.   BTW: Moved from JPX 800's to the PRO model.
Hey, Malty/Golfworks has a very diverse product line. Everything from the finest of forged irons to entry level cast clubs, to shafts and grips. Great customer service to boot. The TE forged are indeed a fine clubhead. Honestly, you can't go wrong at Golfworks. Their KE4 line up is adjustable for any desired swingweight.   Good luck to you!
Oops! I didn't  read your whole post. I thought you were talkin' off the deck. I carry a thriver when I travel to unknown courses. 14 degree, 44 inch, 210g, 460 cc, fairway finding powerhouse. Fantastic off the tee!   Built out in my Cave.   Good luck!
How do you spot forgiveness in a 3W you ask? ................. When it has a 4 or a 5, or 16-18 degrees loft marked on it.  Easier to hit consistantly, and launches higher for more carry, and ultimately more distance.     That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.   Bobber
Intriguing! I've pondered on this concept for a while now. Especially in the long irons. I must read on...
I'm in no way a beer connoisseur, but I do enjoy the odd pint. Simple tastes in lager, and expensive tastes in golf equipment.                                                Yuengling's Traditional Lager. Bottle or draft.    
Yes. It's all an illusion. I have 10 or 12 Scotty's, and for the life of me, I don't know why. Like you alluded to, for the most part, they're mass-produced for the masses. They have a cult-like attraction, and a status symbol in the bag. They are over-rated in my mind.    
I have, what appears to be a leather Gripmaster grip on my putter that doesn't have any tack. Seems really dry. Is there a way to restore that feel?    
Haven't seen Nick Faldo on any on the Golf Channel broadcasts lately. They have been NBC/Golf Channel events, but has Faldo's affiliation with CBS have anything to do with it you think? Not even the Thursday/Friday rounds.    
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