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11 handicap. very interested in titelist irons. currently have callaways but like the new look and thin top line of the cavity back AP1's   What should i get? should i even get Titelist irons? or should i get taylormade,cobra,callaway,ping,nike,cleveland, etc.?   please give some feed back, and it would be much appreciated, because high school golf season is right around the corner in Florida, and i need to gear up!
the x20 a demoed and they seemed to have a good thin top line which i like. so i will look into that
Yeah i have always played  cavity back irons. and dont intent to switch to a muscle back or anything else for a little while. i do like hybrids, i play a 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid.   those options seem to be good. but titelist or taylormade are my preferred irons right now. Callaway just isnt cutting it for me.   So any options of Titelist or Taylormade cavity back irons would be good, for me.
Im am 16 years old and am curently playing off of 11.9. My irons that i am using right now are Callaway x18. I am looking in the market for some new irons.   The irons that caught my eye were the Titelist AP1 710 irons. would those irons be good, the reason i like them is because of the cavity back and the look. My brother has Titelist irons, and i like them so i thought that the feel of his titelist irons would have the same feel with the AP1s.   Please give...
I am 16 years old and am currently playing off of 11.9. My irons right now are Callaway x18 and im looking in the market for another set.   The irons that really caught my eye where the Titelist AP1 710 irons. Whould those irons be good for a Mid-Handicapper like myself?   If not, please give me some iron sets that would be able to fit my handicap and help me improve my game fast.   Thanks Guys   
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