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I would say all golf websites are different. In my view I rate them like this Golf news websites The golf Channel http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/golf golfdigest.com pgatour.com PGA.com golf.com ( new entry thanks to hogan fan) Golf tours websites Pgatour.com lpga.com futurestour european tour canadian tour http://www.sunshinetour.com/ European golf news top sites WWW.golfpiste.com www.golf.de www.golf...
The Sand Trap is really good website, that is why I am here. But it is so difficuilt to find good sites. I would like to ask all you to rate the golf news and golf websites you know. Tell for everyone what the top golf sites in your country? Top 5 in Australia? Top 5 in USA? Top 5 in Europe? Thanks Rolle
our site www.golfweb.lt
our generation choose Tiger
I am Titleist rep in The Baltics, Golf manager, looking for PGA pro status roland
my easiest Cobra Baffler
we have the same problem with our federation
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