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A lot of the Vokey gap wedges aren't spin milled.  When they started spin milling them, they originally didn't spin mill anything below 54*.  It's not crap at all.  It'll spin plenty for a gap wedge...more so than your other irons, but less than your sand wedge...just like it's supposed to.  As you can see, I have one, and I love it.  I say stick with it!   Good luck :-) Ryan
Ogio Vision SS...  For some reason they weren't on the market very long, but I snagged one for Christmas a couple years back.  I haven't ever found one that looked better or had better features...
Need to buy a couple new ones...any strong opinions one way or another?  I usually just buy a Nike Elite that the shop has where I play the most.  Thanks!   God bless, Ryan
Just downloaded GolfLogix and Swing by Swing, and am excited to try out both.  Looks like GolfLogix has a lot more options though...   God bless, Ryan
I buy almost everything on ebay from actual pro shops that have really good ratings.  Never had a problem, and you can't beat the prices.  Just bought a brand new set of Burner 2.0 irons for $490 and a new Cleveland Launcher DST driver for $80.  As for other websites, you should google www._______.com reviews to see what other people say about it.  Good luck!   God bless, Ryan
If it were me, I'd just hit all of the drivers and irons you can, and see if something clicks.  I recently bought the new Burner 2.0 irons and was playing the r7s for about 4 years.  I just really liked the way the Burners felt when I hit them.  Whatever makes you the most confident is what makes sense to go with.  Coach where I play says "it's the indian shooting the bow, not the arrows in the quiver."  If the indian feels great about the arrows, he'll shoot more...
I love the Hogan irons you mentioned...  I can't speak to many of the other smaller companies you spoke of, but I definitely like looking at all of them when I run across a shop that has them.   God bless, Ryan
I've got to put in a good word for the Ping S58s. I'll probably get some before the summer's over. I also love the Hogan Apex blades. Silky smooth. I haven't hit many of the Titleist, Cobra, or Cleveland irons. That's my vote!
I have them, and use them sparingly. I don't like the way they look, and they're kind of a pain to take on and off on a lot of shots. I keep one on my sand wedge, because it's the middle of the three Vokeys in the bag, and I don't want them dinged up too much!
I finally got properly fit for my irons. I need to have them bent 3 degrees upright. Is it safe to assume that I should have my wedges bent the same? Thanks! Ryan
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