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Sucks! My favorite course closed 2 years ago. It was poorly maintained but a really fun layout. Greens fees were dirt cheap and it was never crowded. They closed it for renovations but it still hasn't reopened and doesn't look like it will anytime soon. I think the project ran out of steam and nothing's been done on it for quite a while.
I have some Wilson blades from the 1960s and there is a 1 iron in the set.  The clubhead is teeeeny.  I took it to the range once and tried to hit it . . couldn't really do it.     I've hit through the rest of the Wilson set and they are all very hard clubs to hit .. but even adjusting for the old technology and original, vintage grips . . .I hit the 1 iron pretty terribly.   I was definitely *not* inspired to go look for one to put in my bag, lol.  
I like morning drive and liked holly...she was a really good fit for that show. Theyll find somebody to replace her. As long as they keep Gary, the show will still be good.
I can carry my driver 220. If I could put the drive where I wanted, that's enough distance to absolutely tear up the courses I play at. I could easily be a single digit handicap and never hit it any farther.
Short answer: lessons. Long answer: I think 2 main things were causing my slice. Mostly it was an open club face. I wasn't closing the club face at all. It's hard for me to even imagine now but I used to somehow swing without turning my body much at all. The second thing for me was my path. My path wasn't as bad as my club face but I swing way more from the inside now.
It's hard to say what "most" golfers or the "average" golfer does ...since we really are just extrapolating based on what we see on the course. From what I see, "most" golfers do not properly strike their irons so if they stick the green from *any* distance requiring a full swing it's pretty much luck. I think if we set up at a muni on a 100 yard par 3 we'd see a lot more people miss it than hit it. Probably 70% miss is my guess. My own percentage from 150 is not that...
I never knew they had PGA pros at dicks. When they said "golf pros" on their commercial, I just assumed they were exaggerating ...like when commercials say to go see the lending pros or the home pros or whatever, lol. They should have said "PGA pros". In any case, I guess I can see why they changing direction. When I shop at a place like dicks I don't expect or need a golf pro to help me. It's just not part of what I associate with a big box sporting goods shopping...
I'm definitely going pro.  I've been working hard since last year saving up for all the irons. I just need the 3-5 irons now . .and then I turn pro.    I tried to get sponsored by some major club companies but . .apparently you have to already *have* all the clubs before they'll give you any.  How does that make sense?     Edit . . truthfully, I also need a sand wedge but I figured I could play my first tournament without one and then get one with my first check.  
Impossible to guess! I think he has the potential to do almost anything he wants. Impossible to guess what that is, though. Could he win 12 majors in 6 years? I don't think so. Maybe 8. But who knows? Maybe he can't sustain this current level of focus or maybe somebody even better will win them. Lydia Ko? I predict she'll get an invite to the masters , win her in her first appearance and then win the next 25 majors in a row. Failing that, though, things looking good...
I think Rory is incredibly exciting to watch! There's nobody else out there right now that can repeatedly run away from the field. It's his ability to do that, in mind, that gives him the potential to someday be in the same class as tiger, jack, hogan, etc.As far as being European , we Americans assimilate those we like. A few more wins and Rory is American, lol.
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