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Yeah, that gave me a chuckle as well.     You were using the right term.  They are called dimples.  I guess it's off to Bolivia for the pro at Ratty Pond.  
Yeah . .I think you were in the wrong but I don't know if I would call it a "Big Mistake", lol.  The guy also seems like kind of a jerk to just glare at you.  He could've just said that he doesn't really care to play by all the rules.     People don't have to play by the rules if they don't want to.  As long they aren't holding up play by taking 3 mulligans on every swing . .I'm all for it.  Personally, I have never re-teed after hitting ob.  If I can't find it, I just...
 Yeah - or basically just ignore it.  That's my honest opinion.  When I was a little kid, my parents taught me that's the best way to deal with verbal assaults . .just ignore it, don't let them get a rise out of you, etc.  That's some solid advice.  Going nuts over every little comment is distracting at best. In this incident, I thought Bishop's comment was wrong.  Poulters response was douchy - an obvious attempt to draw and focus the ire of the pc nanny state.  The BOD...
 I am certainly guilty of this - lots and lots of times.  Heck, I don't even consider myself "guilty".  I don't consider myself sexist and I'm pretty sure nobody I know thinks I am, either.  Then again, nobody hears it but my intended audience.  I really think we've gone over the edge, as a society and culture - totally over-reacting about statements people make.  At the most he should've gotten a reprimand from some higher-up and told to watch it going forward . .but this...
 He's probably just relying on the fact that most people suck at golf.  He can say that to every golfer he sees and be right about 80-90% of the time, lol.  
I don't know who the jerk is in the red shirt but he did capture my pre-shot routine perfectly . . . although this is at the range.  On the course I usually do it twice.    
A few years ago I was playing a public course in Northern California - surrounded by thick redwood trees and dense forest.  I forget what hole it was - but at the top of my backswing somebody in the woods let go with an airhorn, lol.  This happened on every swing we made on that hole - a loud airhorn blast right at the top of the backswing.  I assume it was kids . .or ninjas . .but ninjas are known for being quiet so I'm going with kids.   
In addition to Captain's picks there needs to be 1 Captain's DQ.  That is . .the captain can disqualify one player who made it on points if he wants to. From here on known as "The Bubba Clause".  
We've had a driving range here in town for years (I assume they're still open) that has a bar w/food and live music on the weekends.  I always thought that was a weird idea.  Now they're building a Top Golf location here - should be open next year sometime.  Top Golf also seems like a weird idea to me.  When I first looked into it, I was truly surprised that they had so many locations.  Just goes to show how out of touch I am with what people want these days, lol.      I...
Interesting question . .something I haven't thought about for a while.  A few years ago, I was trying to look a few inches in front of the ball.     These days I guess I'm not trying to do anything in this regard . .but what happens is I am looking right at the ball during address but "picturing" the target in my mind.  And this is really odd . .I do see the ball during the beginning of my takeaway but not after that . .even though I am still "looking at it".  
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