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Joes a good caddy. Steve's a good caddy. Know who else is a good caddy? My sun mountain push cart! Too much is made of certain caddies lol.
I saw this one where a guy was disguised as a Christmas tree. People were told to stand in front of the tree and say what thier favorite Christmas memory was (or something like that). Then the tree would lurch forward and grab them-scaring them half to death. This one big guy just turned around and DECKED the tree-guy. Prank shows are seriously lowest common denominator material and Shanked looks worse than most...and that's saying a lot!
  No - while you're waiting you're supposed to complain about slow play.   
  ehhh  .I think some guys treat them like fancy pieces of jewelry.  I guess if I dropped my club in a pond I'd wipe it dry  .but I have 4 sets of irons .. none of which have ever been washed and none of which have rusted.  They are cast, though, not forged.  A fancy golfer, such as yourself, probably has forged clubs.  Forged clubs with recently changed grips, I'll bet.  But you're a PGA professional . - I don't need clean clubs or new grips.  That would take away most of...
 Which is why we need the "Captain's Veto".  In today's world of Top 10 finishing, there are going to be guys, like Bubba, who have immense talent .. enough to finish well a lot of the time and make the team on points . .but who can't close the deal under any kind of pressure.   Or maybe they should change the points criteria to put more emphasis on wins.     
     I'm sorry to say . .but yes, the big umbrella puts you further in the wrong.  If you use it to keep the sun off you . . .that's at least 3 times as bad.  
  Maybe so . .but I'm hitting my driver almost 100 yards further than I used to when I played a lot.  I wouldn't recommend my approach unless you, like me, enjoy the act of swinging a golf club more than actually playing golf.  There's just something so gratifying about it for me.  I love the the sound and feel of impact . .I don't even actually need to see where it goes most of the time, lol.      
  I have no pride in my belongings.  None whatsoever.  I don't wash my car and I *certainly* don't clean my golf clubs.  Now . .the grass I never mow but we have a lawn guy for that.   In all seriousness, though, some people see golf clubs as tools.  Do you wash your hammer?  To me, a golf club is like a hammer . .it's not a fancy piece of jewelry or fine equipment.     Also, in all seriousness .. I never wash my car although I *have* washed my car.  My golf clubs ....
 Fair enough . . I used to play a lot . . .it's fair to say I'm not a golfer these days.  
 ha - yeah, if you talk about *anything* other than what's happening right now . .you're not a golfer
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