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A few years ago I was playing a public course in Northern California - surrounded by thick redwood trees and dense forest.  I forget what hole it was - but at the top of my backswing somebody in the woods let go with an airhorn, lol.  This happened on every swing we made on that hole - a loud airhorn blast right at the top of the backswing.  I assume it was kids . .or ninjas . .but ninjas are known for being quiet so I'm going with kids.   
In addition to Captain's picks there needs to be 1 Captain's DQ.  That is . .the captain can disqualify one player who made it on points if he wants to. From here on known as "The Bubba Clause".  
We've had a driving range here in town for years (I assume they're still open) that has a bar w/food and live music on the weekends.  I always thought that was a weird idea.  Now they're building a Top Golf location here - should be open next year sometime.  Top Golf also seems like a weird idea to me.  When I first looked into it, I was truly surprised that they had so many locations.  Just goes to show how out of touch I am with what people want these days, lol.      I...
Interesting question . .something I haven't thought about for a while.  A few years ago, I was trying to look a few inches in front of the ball.     These days I guess I'm not trying to do anything in this regard . .but what happens is I am looking right at the ball during address but "picturing" the target in my mind.  And this is really odd . .I do see the ball during the beginning of my takeaway but not after that . .even though I am still "looking at it".  
To me . .it's very simple.  If there are open holes ahead and groups waiting behind you then you should let them play through.  This is regardless of how fast or slow you are playing.     If I were the OP, I probably would've asked the guy who said he was playing to 4.5 hours .. "why do you want to be a jerk?  What's it going to hurt to let a faster group play through"?
Golf is actually the only sport I watch on TV . .unless you count the little bit of football I manage to see during the annual Super Bowl party.     It's also the only sport I play unless you count fishing . .which I don't just because I don't fish with any sort of competitive mentality.   
Joes a good caddy. Steve's a good caddy. Know who else is a good caddy? My sun mountain push cart! Too much is made of certain caddies lol.
I saw this one where a guy was disguised as a Christmas tree. People were told to stand in front of the tree and say what thier favorite Christmas memory was (or something like that). Then the tree would lurch forward and grab them-scaring them half to death. This one big guy just turned around and DECKED the tree-guy. Prank shows are seriously lowest common denominator material and Shanked looks worse than most...and that's saying a lot!
  No - while you're waiting you're supposed to complain about slow play.   
  ehhh  .I think some guys treat them like fancy pieces of jewelry.  I guess if I dropped my club in a pond I'd wipe it dry  .but I have 4 sets of irons .. none of which have ever been washed and none of which have rusted.  They are cast, though, not forged.  A fancy golfer, such as yourself, probably has forged clubs.  Forged clubs with recently changed grips, I'll bet.  But you're a PGA professional . - I don't need clean clubs or new grips.  That would take away most of...
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