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I guess to each his own but I'd rather play with the friend and his boss than the OP, any day.  People who take their crappy golf game too seriously and get all bent out of shape over the smallest things should find like-minded golfers to play with and leave the normal people alone, lol.  
Personally I'm pro-pot but it's definitely wrong to use it in front of a minor in places where it's illegal and it's just rude the way they reacted when asked to stop. Too bad you can't get ticketed for being a jerk(I hate to see ppl get in trouble for pot)
Yeah - like everybody has said, never ok to hit into people.  I have hit drives where I thought "if I hit the shot of my life here and get a good roll out, too, it might roll up into them" . .I don't consider that hitting into people, though.  Even if I did roll one up near them, I'd just apologize . .not that it's ever come even remotely close to happening, lol.   But 179 is way too close . . .unless you drive it 110, lol.     
I thought it was amazing.  I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard - and the music is really good!  Bubba might be in the wrong line of work, lol.  Seriously, I loved it.  I have to go now and watch it again.  
My wife is the extrovert and I'm the introvert so I'm less comfortable than she is pairing up with strangers - but I definitely invite the other twosome to join up every time.  It's the just the sensible thing to do and, even though I'm usually uncomfortable at first, it's always a good time.  Put it this way . .it's a LOT more comfortable than knowing people are waiting on me for each shot.  Even though it's not my fault they're waiting, I'd rather have a comfortable pace...
Well, it certainly wouldn't be the first time I didn't see the potential success of a business . .but I just don't see the appeal of Top Golf.  They're building one here in San Antonio - it should be open for business soon.  I'll probably check it out sometime this spring but I don't really see how it would be fun.  I mean, you know, I don't expect it to be *terrible* but fun enough to be worth it?  Can't see it.  Maybe I'll be surprised.  
 I don't know where you live but, here in TX . .if somebody started at me for 45 seconds and then tossed me a monogrammed golf towel I would find that strange, lol.   Usually a slap on the ass and a loud "Hell Yeah" will suffice.  
You know what's funny? My dad is that guy at the range lol. He decided he was going to play golf. So the first step, of course, is to run out and buy top of the line gear. To go with that gear, of course, he needed a bunch of clothes, expensive golf shoes, a huge umbrella, yada yada. He played golf about 5 times total - cursing and swearing the whole time. He literally will take a horrid swing, miss the ball completely and then swear about it, lol. He did exact same...
Wow - a lot of opinions on this one.  To me, this just points out the overwhelming problem of "golf tips".  Usually there is some truth in the advice but it doesn't apply to most people who read the tip.   Telling beginning golfers who are hitting 150 yard drives that "accuracy is more important than distance" and to "work on the short game, where most strokes are saved" is borderline cruel.     When I first started out playing, I read and bought into this notion.  I...
Golf course daycare is a great idea but, as others have pointed out, not without it's obstacles.  Now is the time to think outside the box.  Many struggling courses have unused swimming pools.  They make nets that go over swimming pools to keep kids from falling in - but they could also be used to keep kids from getting out.   What if we put a net over one of these unused pools and simply toss the kids in there?  They'll be safe and easily supervised.  One employee could...
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