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I would like to get a trolley for my tour bag and like this powakaddy micra one but the trouble is I would have to buy online which means I don't even know if it would fit my bag or any trolley for that matter since my golf shops don't stock a wide range of trolleys.
ok thanks il probably give the mizuno ones a go becasue they are a good bit cheaper and are made of the same materials might as well give them ago
I would like to buy a pair of rain gloves but dont know which ones are the best anyone have any recommendations.  I have read the footjoys are good but seen there are mizuno ones which are cheaper, taylormade ones and callaway ones but I have read zero restriction are the best any pointers?
I got the nike vr pro with the project x and have no regrets love it and well worth the price I paid!
I have always pretty much wanted the 910d2 for the customization and project x shaft since it first came out however I have never been able to justify spending that much money on a golf club.  Anyway now the vr pro straight fit driver with the project x is on offer for £129 which I think is very very tempting. I have demoed both of these clubs once. The  910d2 with the rip which is similar to project x was really good and the vr pro with the black fubuki? shaft was ok...
Hello I am looking at buying a new golf trolley.  I have a tour bag and the main problem I have is finding one that is big enough for it to fit.  That is my main concern. I don't want to spend a lot so an electrical trolley is out of the question.  Anyone have any recommendations? I seen that this gets good reviews but don't know if its big...
This is what I have been trying to do but when its a bit busier the group in front holds up everyone so playing 3 balls will hold up people behind me.  Eventually you cant win
The only reason why I am saying I might quit is because its not worth the money paying for it and its taking away the enjoyment.  It would be cheaper just to pay when I come up if I do.  Any time I play im surrounded by pigs that don't ring bells, fix divots, pitch marks, talk, or let you through when they are clearly holding you up with open holes in front of them i.e. 4 ball infront of me.  I often just walk off because it gets that bad
The thing is I dont care about how slow people are playing as long as they are being considerate and following the rules and even just being gentlemen like the game is suppose to be. This is about time wasting and bad etiquette.  You don't get close enough to talk to them unless you shout.  They know I want to play through because I am standing on the tee box or fairway watching them and they see me doing it.All they have to do is hit their tee shots and I hit up with...
No because by the time I hit my shots onto the green and putted out they have hit their drives and are walking up the fairway
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