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If you can hit your other driver fine then why did you get the r11? Could you hit it fine when you tested the R11 before you bought it
my bro got the vr on demo and forgot to ask them and they didnt have the wrench to adjust it.  How can you tell what setting it is on.  if you look down the club at the front of the club at the bottom near the hosel it is inline with R does that mean it is set to open 2 degrees?
You can get an R9 driver for about 150 £ or about 230$ i think. The R11 is about twice that price. Is there actually much difference in them and what are the differences.  Would you rather buy the r9 now at half the price or just get the R11 because its that good?
I was using a set of taylormade lts before I switched to my mp 68s.  I never thought I would have changed to blades so soon but got them cheap custom fitted and I can only say I will never change or even consider looking at another set of clubs again they are unbelievable and perfect in every way. 
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:7fAtM72qeTEJ:pgamerch11.mapyourshow.com/3_0/news_redirect.cfm%3Freleaseid%3D241%26exhid%3D325105+r11+fct&cd=18&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-a&source=www.google.co.uk   I still dont get it taylormade say here the r9 forces you to change the loft and clubface position i.e. higher loft = closed. Then they say the r11 gives you the freedom to have an open face and which ever loft you want.  Yet further down it...
hello all, I hope everyone is well.  This is my first post and was wondering if anyone can clarify the FCT on the r9 and r11 for me.  As far as I was lead to believe with the FCT on the r9, it altered the clubface and shaft angle to hit a draw or fade, i.e it allowed you to set the club neutral square with 1degree flat lie, neutral square with 1degree upright for slight draw, left which closes the face by 2 degrees with standard lie and finally open which opens the...
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