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There are a few things that you can do to fix this.  The easiest would be to see your club pro and have a lesson.  Or you could fix it yourself.  you need to check that your alignment is correct.  If it is open you will slice the ball coming right across it. The next thing you want to check is that grip is not too weak.  Make sure the Vs are pointing at a 1 oclock position.  If all that is good then you are swinging on an out to in fashion you need to start swinging in...
Ok thanks il give one of those a go
the white hot steel is a metal insert though thats the one I have.  not the normal white hot.  Whenever I putt with my other putter the white hot tour my pace is fine because of the softer insert.  My alignment is just off because its not a two ball putter.
I have the white hot steel two ball blade and its almost perfect for me. Its easy to align and strike but every putt feels and sounds the exact same so I can hit a few putts quite hard past the hole.  I am wondering if anyone has any opinion on the white ice two ball blade?
I agree. I play the mizuno mp 68s i do play to around 8 or 9 though on a consistent basis and I know for a fact that people are like wtf is he doing with those. But I dont care because I love them and play much better with them than my old Taylormade LT 2s.And there is tonnes of potential still to get out of them.  The reason why I changed to them is because I wanted more feel out of my clubs and distance control.  In my old ones You just had to hit really either a full...
The reason why top pros tend to use blades and not game improvement ones is so that they can shape the ball whatever way they want.  They require to hit a wide variety of shot shapes and blades allow them to do this.  They are that good and have that much control over their game to do so. If you give them game improvement ones they wont be able to do it as well. If you give a high handicapper blades he will perform worse than game improvement ones.
I am going to be regripping my clubs soon but dont know what grips to get.  The lamkin performance plus 3 gen are twice the price of the golf pride ones but are red look insane and apparently the 3 gen technology is good, making them soft, resistant to vibration and tacky in all weather.  I would really like to try them but feel like it would be stupid not to get the golf pride ones. Any ideas?
i really want to play golf throughout the winter this year last year it was difficult because of wind, winter greens, winter t boxes and the cold so used a lot of layers which made me feel big and restricted. This year I wanna play like there is no cold.  Is under armour cold gear mock long sleeved top any good? is like wearing 3 jumpers at once?will i feel the cold as much?im just trying to evaluate if its worth the 30 gbp£
Hi Im trying to pick the perfect golf ball for my game Ive never bought golf balls just played with ones ive found around the golf course.  Generally I would have used pro v1s but feel that they spin far too much for me on irons and driver especially. With driver it is a no go since i changed the shaft of my driver.  I put an xs 55g nvs in it.  With spin balls and a cut it definitely does balloon but with the proper ball it goes perfectly.  I have hit a couple of...
You should always pick a ball based on how well you chip and putt with it since they are the shots that count.  You don't want a ball you hit straight of the tee that goes through every green and that you 3 putt with.  Therefore I would suggest the z star for you by a mile. You sunk two birdy putts with it so youd be mad not to use it.   On the other hand if you haven't tried the prov1x i would try it.  Its nice and soft and responsive around the greens whilst...
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