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im looking for something similar myself and have seen the titleist 909 d3 or d2 and im dying to try it it should be perfect
If you re grip it will cost you a fortune to get them all done and you will not know for sure if the same thing happens.  Generally when ppl order clubs its best to get them customed to what grips you want.  Id personally just stick it out and not complain I never wear a glove.  Even just wear a glove 
More loft on a driver creates more backspin/less side spin which in turn will create a higher ball flight and straighter shots. Which in turn means less roll.  However a shaft can do anything really, high kick point shafts are used to generally keep the ball lower by reducing spin.  Low kick point shafts are used to generally get the ball higher by helping to create more spin.  Its important to get the right shaft also.  Its definately better to be on the fairway 250...
Ive never been able to hit my driver consistently the r7 quad.  However I recently got a 909 f2 fairway with the voodoo shaft which I find perfect for me I believe its 70 odd grams.  Ive always prefered lighter shafts in my driver to get more swing speed so recently put in a 55g nvs which is now ballooning but i still like the weight however now ive got an out to in swing i believe because its a driver and i always "try" to hit it far rather than let the club do the...
since I recently got the 909 f2 fairway which I absoultely love and find perfect for me im considering the 909 d2 or d3.  Does anyone know if there will be much difference between those and my current r7 quad ht first thing is that they are at 440cc mines only 400cc.  I will try and test one on the monitor and the best thing is that they are  a lot cheaper than new drivers.
kk thanks for the info il have a look around and see what i can try and take it from there
Thanks for the replies yea I see what you all mean.  There are holes on my course I would benefit with a driver definately but its just the cost of getting one and properly fitted which is extortion about £300.  I would really like to try a 460 cc like the supertri.  With a driver par 5s are gimmie birdies practically which will help but the cost is the thing holding me back ideas to get cheap ones?
I think there is a setting on it L which closes the clubface on it id give that one a try first.  Whats your thoughts on the club and the shaft.  Im considering getting a new driver but dont think its worth spending so much 
Ive always been a player of course management and keeping it in play and using my driver on holes only where its needed etc.  However ive got an r7 quad which ive never really got on as well as ive wanted to with and now that ive put the nvs in it it balloons all the time so im thinking of ditching it and just using my new 3 wood from the tee.  I played for like two years without one and just took a 3 iron of the tee or driver when safe.  Would it be in my interest to...
The course can depend on what clubs to use as well.  I carry a 52 56 and a 60, have a driver, 3 wood and 3-pw. I dont have any point in carrying a 5 wood it is useless to me ( i use a 3 iron instead) and the short game is much more important to me so the extra wedge is much more useful to me. Its best having the most useful clubs in the bag and most versatile.
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