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Low and slow on your woods swing.  I have had the same 4 wood 1999 (Steelhead Plus 4W).  I tried one with a shalower face (Ping G10) but wasn't happy.    Remeber before you change equipment, it's the indian not the arrow.
I like mine better!
Callaway golf preowned has new logo overruns st $30 a doz.
It is also my favorite....I still see them for sale at places
Spicy sunflower seeds!
Wait it has only been postponed! 
Maybe they candle the heat!  It was 93 today.  Someone might see their tittie sweat.
I’m a little skeptical that these aren’t water balls.  I live on a golf course and ball hawk from the ponds but I won’t play a ball that has algae on it when I pluck it.  I have noticed that especially with premium balls water will kill them fast.   The reason for my pessimism it that about once a month I see a guy surface from the pond behind my house in scuba gear with a BIG mesh bag filed to the top with balls. Hell he can hardly lift it out of the water.  And...
Its been a few years since I have been there but the Currituck Club was very nice but a little overpiced.   There is a course a few miles inland called Goose Creek that is very affordable, pretty well maintained and forgiving.
Police Officer for Jacksonville Police/Sheriff's Office for 17 years.   Lets go beat whitie with a long stick!
New Posts  All Forums: