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shot 78 today. from blue tees 6,680 yards. 42 on the front, 36 on the back! missed 2 short putts and started a little shaky with the driver. overall played pretty good for my first 18 of the year 
yes. that answers my question, thanks
is a 5.5 shaft a "stiff" shaft? whats the deal on the numbers??
what swing speed ranges would require a regular flex, stiff flex, and x-tra stiff flex? In your opinion... (Driver shaft)   Regular ___MPH-___MPH   Stiff ___MPH-___MPH   X-tra Stiff ___MPH-___MPH   thanks
Im getting a new putter THIS WEEKEND and i need advice fast. Ive gotten it narrowed down to these 2 putters now I just need input and opinions. Thanks
the rossa corza is a white putter. it has a circle cut out in the back of it. Garcia and Kuchar have it. Are we talking about the same putter?
does anyone have the Corza Ghost putter? Do you like/dislike it?    Is it worth 159.99?
im still a young punk. I probably should have added that to the original post! 
last year, I would very rarely walk without a pull cart. When I just got a new bag...i now never use a pull cart, and have seen a improvement in my game. So if you use a pull cart, I recommend you try using without once or twice.    Any input? Experiences?   Eagles 14
If you can hit a 3W 300 yards STRAIGHT, your doing good. Driver isnt nessesary in my book
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