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I chose three things: lessons cost too much, no good instructors nearby, and like to figure stuff out on my own. I put down cost because as a college student I don't think I could afford quality lessons that would actually help. In the summer, I live in a small town with a golf course that doesn't really offer lessons of any kind. Summertime is really the only time I golf. Lessons from a "pro" would probably be at least a couple hours away. I like to experiment with my...
    Ok, so I did all this and came up with 32.2 for my handicap index. Is there a maximum handicap or does it just keep going up indefinitely? Thanks everyone for all the help so far.
I have no idea what the best way to calculate handicap is so I was hoping someone could help me out as I am curious to get a rough idea of what my handicap is. I just entered all of my scores for the last couple years into an excel spreadsheet. I have 61 rounds where I only played 9 holes. My average for those rounds was a 56.6. I have 20 rounds where I played the full 18 holes. My average for those rounds is a 106. All of these rounds are on the same course.   The...
I shot a 93 a couple days ago playing 18. Got a 49 on the front and 44 on the back. The 44 is my lowest score for 9 holes.
Well I finally did it. I shot a 97 yesterday for my best round ever. 51 on the front, 46 on the back. Now I've got to get to the low 90s.
Thanks for clarifying this. Weight on heels seemed opposite of how it should be, but a lot of things seem opposite in golf.
Just today I heard that you should keep your weight on your heels when swinging. Before today I had always tried to keep on the balls of my feet and swing. I tried keeping my weight on my heels and found that I hit the ball a lot straighter but lost maybe 20 yards. Is keeping your weight on your heels the correct way to swing? If so I will certainly start doing that.
I would like to post the website in my signature, but it doesn't look like I am able to yet. I hope this will work. http://Shotly.com
At my local golf course it costs around $2 for a bucket of balls to hit at the driving range. Members pay as well as non-members. What is the price range of driving ranges that others have seen? Is it normal for members of the club to pay as well as non-members or are their buckets "free"?
Thanks for the replies. I hope to get out playing golf again soon and will work on some drills suggested.
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