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Does anyone dare to say Tiger Woods as most Overrated PGA Player :) haha, Actually Tiger makes every PGA player look overated! just my opinion of course...
If you do a quick goolge, there's already a Golf School Directory out there... This would just be duplicate content...
You guys are wrong... open them up in two tabs... also keep notice that the golf channel was already familiar with my site. they knew of me... And as a Design professional, It is clearly obvious the used my design for the base of theirs.
Oh, i totally agree... I'm really upset right now, cause I've put 8month plus work into tweaking the design etc to make it perfect, and i c this now... makes me sick to my stomach, cause now people will get used to theirs and think i copied it. When we all here and see that's not the case... wayne
For all you fellow golfers, I just came across a post talking about the new site design for the "golf channel", so I thought I would take a look at it to see what they did. Well, to my surprise I saw an almost exact replica of my site NCGolfers! The Page layout, Margins and Padding are all the "exact" same figures, Logo's and and blocks in the same place... even the way there articles and info is laid out is the same! I cannot believe that a large company like this...
Oh Hell No!!!! The Golf Channel Copied My Layout Of Mysite!!!!! WTF!!!!! I Can't Belive they would do that! look at all the margins, and where the ads are placed etc... and even how the content is laidout, what a lame company!!!!! ARRRR i'm soo... pissed off!!! Thread for more about this here at thesandtrap ... HERE Open up both in a separate windows and you'll see! my design has been around since may last year! AND THEY Advertise on the bottom of my site!!!
I play at hedingham alot, so I guess it's my home course, but they really don't have a site... :P
Maybe Office Golf Should be played the same way Chevy Chase played House Golf in Caddy Shack :P
Clickitgolf.com is one that i know of, I think this is better than purchasing a tee time...
Haha, nice... Ya'll should get a tournament going, maybe even a department tourney :P
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