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Thanks for the added input...I hit the club extremely well in the simulator with the stock 17* dialed in. The club is adjustable +/- 1.5*
Thanks, really the only reason I was wondering is because I have never had a 3 wood before, and certainly not a stiff shaft club. The tip is reported to be .350", so I guess if I needed to change to a R flex, it would be possible as that size is not real rare. The place I went to did not measure swing speed, only ball speed. I averaged 132 over 10-15 hits with that club.  This club may be a Xmas gift from my kids, so I want to make sure it's the right combination for me
Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking too Can I assume then that it is not a junk shaft if it comes standard on the club?
Hi everyone, I demo'd a Taylormade SLDR 3HL today P/N N1125509 that had a Fujikura Speeder 77 Flex S shaft on it. I can not find out any information about this shaft. The Fujikura web site doesn't even have it listed as an option.  Anyone have an idea why I can't find out any information about this shaft? By the way, the store was Dick's Sporting Goods Thanks
Glad to see a hackers thread!! I had, and still sometimes have, a tempo/mental problem that I have been fighting the last year or so. I would try to force the club into the ball on every shot, even though I knew that technique would not work....doesn't matter, I did it anyway. I just had to force the shots so I could get the perceived extra distance needed to get on the greens in regulation. Then one day during a practice round, I decided the way to break my habit...
People spitting sunflower seeds on the green and people who take beaver pelts in the fairway and don't fix or fill them in.
Old thread, but what the heck... I use the floater golf balls ( can't tell the difference between hitting them and a regular ball) and a couple of different sized hula hoops if anybody knows what those are!
14 different courses out of last 20
I was able to play more golf in 2013 than ever before thanks to meeting some fellow golfers who didn't mind playing with a 35 index golfer. It was a good year for me, I got to play The Jack Nicklaus Tournament and PGA WEST Stadium courses out by Palm Springs and will be playing Morongo's Tukwet Cyns 2 courses this month if the weather holds up. Prior to June of this year I had only been under 100 two  times. I wound up with 12 rounds under a 100 since then, and my index...
I like yellow for visibility, but they are not recommended when there are fall weather leaves on the course. Same thing probably goes for orange balls. For fall time, I think white would be the easiest to find in the fairways...and of course, nobody I know hits the balls into the rough!!
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