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IMHO I see them as over marketed techno clubs with super juiced lofts.  With that being said I should point out that this opinion should have no sway on your decision to buy/play them or not.  How do they feel to you?  Do they inspire confidence?  Do they calm you? Do they please your eye?  Club selection and purchase is such a personal thing I'm not sure how much honestly helpful data you're going to get asking the question here.  I would say this though, if you are in...
Age:  29   Height:  6'2"   Where are your from:  Currently Madison WI, from Cary NC   How long have you been playing:  4 years   Best score:  86   Favorite club in the bag:  Mizuno 4 Iron   Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  None   Where do you play:  WI, MS, NC   Best courses you've played so far:  Dogwood Hills in Grenada MS, Big Fish in WI, University Ridges in WI   Things you enjoy...
Daily Driver : 2005 2500HD crew cab   Trail Rig:  What used to be a 91 silverado short bed/box but can only be described as a "truggy" now   Building: a new commuter truck, 2001 manual trans Tacoma w/ transplanted VW 1.6L   Wanting: space to setup my own biodiesel still, and a good condition 66 chevelle frame+tub
nope I sure wouldn't. I will be stretched out on a dock in northern wisconsin this coming friday, hopefully consuming my first summer shandy.  If it's not to my tastes then i'll cross it off the list and then break out a leinie red.    
No harm no foul, I don't get bent out of shape over posts on the internet, it's just not worth my time.  I'm new to the game and probably would have written the same thing except I was hoping someone had some fantastic reason that I wasn't aware of like "all hat sales go to charity" or something.  I guess my observation is confirmed, they are in fact greedy SOBs.     
 On a side note, I went to this link, read the blog, and then went searching for this video that supposedly showed the "other" side of Justin.... What a crock of s**t, the title is "the softer side of Justin" or something to that effect, but its the same old garbage spewing from his mouth. Why is it so hard for a guy to just say "they played better than me"?  I hope I never see or hear anything about this self proclaimed "legendary ball striker" for the rest of my life.    
Another post in this thread just made me step back a minute and think, why don't golf companies include a hat or shirt when you buy a set of $800 irons or a $300 driver more often?  Heck every time I've ordered from JEGS (performance car parts company for those that don't know), even if it's a $50 dollar order, I get a hat.  I've probably got 10 of them laying around the garage right now and I've given away more than I could ever remember.  For that matter every time I...
Not yet but I'll make sure I try it next week when I get to Hayward, you're the third person to ask if I've had it so I'm assuming its definitely worth a try.  The worst part is that you can find their Berry and Honey Weiss (My least favorite Leinie's) in a few grocery stores here  but they won't stock anything else.                edit* changed honey wheat to honey weiss 
Every once in awhile I play in this, of course it's a lot dirtier and encrusted with sweat and iraqi sand:     Shouldn't be wearing the EGA unless you were or are a Marine, but you can get the older styles all day long online for like 10 bucks.
Thank you sir
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