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That works. Do you have a time line for when it will be available for order directly from you guys?
This book looks fantastic!  What are the chances this will be available on amazon as a ebook or regular paper back, since I missed the indiegogo campaign?
Yeah I signed up last week as well.    Just after the first lesson I can feel a difference in my ball contact and have noticed a difference in my distance.   Obviously it's going to take time for this to be my normal but the difference between me looking at my swing and someone who knows what they are doing looking at my swing is huge. I'm excited to get my next video up and see if I've made any improvement.
The weather in Winnipeg this morning was -20 C with a north wind making it feel like -35 C. There will be no golf for me until late April with the amount of snow on the ground. We at least have lots of simulators up here but it's not the same.
Be grateful you can golf at all in March. I woke up to -20 C with a north wind making it feel like -35 C. I won't be golfing until late April at the earliest with the amount of snow on the ground :(   I will be hitting some balls at the simulator tomorrow but it's really not the same.
I have a pair of these Kikkor shoes. I love the casual look, they are the most comfortable golf shoes I have owned, the price is excellent. They don't have removable spikes but after two seasons and only walking I haven't noticed any significant wear.   I would definitely recommend Kikkor.
I have been testing out the Srixon Qstars and the Bridgestone e6 both feel great off the putter and both have been handling fairly well around the green. I haven't yet had a chance to play a full round with either yet, just some practice sessions.
Rory McILroy - 275   Tiger Woods - 276   Hunter Mahan - 280
Hehe this made me laugh out loud.
Excellent, thanks for the information.
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