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Just wondering what you mean by "reliability"... Do you mean reliability in the club? Or reliability in the company? I ask because I have some Gigagolfs. They've performed nicely, but I guess I'm still waiting for one of the heads to fly off. I still can't believe I took the risk on clone clubs. Tell you what though... if they last, I'm never buying brand-name again. Economic times are tough, and it's hard to find good used clubs.  
I'm considering a set of these bad boys and was wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with them... How was your experience? Good? Bad?   I'm about a 25 handicap (17 if I really focus, 13 if I cheat ) and I do have a pretty wicked slice. Now, I realize it's the Indian and not the arrow, but this Indian needs all the help he can get. I figure I'd keep my old set to practice on (which are standard), but use the said TMs for fun.   Again, please share...
I think they're all standard. All the clubs I'm using I got used, and I'm just assuming they're standard.
I have freakishly small hands for a man of 26-years of age. Anyway, today while I was hitting a quick 9 holes, I noticed that sometimes while in my swing the club wobbles. Regardless how tight I grip the club, I still get a wobble. I've never noticed it before, but I'm guessing it's always been there. ANYWAY, I was thinking maybe I should get smaller grips. Someone told me it might actually help my slice. (It's bad!) I'm just wondering what you all think. Has your game...
Thanks. I tried the ol Google, but didn't find anything.
For maybe 13 years, I've had a set of irons that are "Tour Model III Evolution". Does anyone have any idea who manufactured them?   Knowing what I know now, I bet they are probably knockoffs of Pings or something like that. They've actually have help up quite well, except for the 7 iron which met its demise a few years back. I bought them used, if I recall correctly.   Just random curiosity.
  In regards to the foundries, I think that's true for the most part, but I've browsed the interweb a lot in the last few months, and there's a lot of junk for sale out there. The GigaGolfs and the Hirekos seem legit, but buyer beware with some of that other stuff!   And thanks for the info on Pinemeadow. I've read a lot of the reviews on their website, and something that keeps popping on the reviews is that the "head cracked after a few months or so". But reading that...
Thanks for the info. I take it you work for Hireko...   But, I do like what I've read on Hireko. I might be pulling the trigger on one of their wedges soon.    
Thanks everyone! Again, I kinda already knew most of this stuff, but it's making much more confident reading all of the suggestions. I'm excited about playing with different clubs then the ones I've had for over a decade!   I see myself doing a mix of things. I've already bought a couple of name-brand hybrids from Callaway's Pre-Owned shop (ironically, neither were Callaway clubs ). And I also think I'm going to complete the GigaGolf iron set. I love the iron I...
   Yep, I've read up a lot on Hireko. In fact, I'm about ready to pull the trigger on on of their wedges!
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