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DO NOT apply any seed until at least 2 and I strongly suggest 3 weeks after you spray RoundUp. The pesticide label will tell you this. RoundUp is in the soil and won't break down for 2-3 weeks and can kill any seed you put down afterward. Putting lime down actually raises the pH level. This will knock back the moss, but I would suggest getting a soil test done. You don't want to put too much down. Assuming you don't have a pH level that is way low, you might need 20-40...
Has a Tour player ever been suspended for illegal drug use?
I highly highly doubt there are people who could have made it on Tour who didn't. The cream rises to the top. Most anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't realize how hard it is to get on Tour.
Maybe so, but he sure went out of his way to bash Tiger.
Thinking about joining. How does the Yahoo league stack up against the Golf Channel one?
Driver: 280 4 Wood: 240 3 Hybrid: 225 4 Iron: 205 5 Iron: 190 6 Iron: 170 7 Iron: 155 8 Iron: 140 9 Iron: 130 PW: 115 54*: 90 58*: 60   I have really good clubhead speed with the driver (105 MPH+), but I have never been able to hit my short irons anywhere. That isn't really a problem as long as I know how far they go, but lately they are even going shorter than ever. Can't figure it out.
When will manufacturers make irons that are tuneable like drivers and fairway woods are? Would tuneability even be necessary in irons?
The person on the driving range whose divots fly so far to the right or the left that that hit you in the next bay over  
I hit my irons pretty straight. They are old Hogan Apex Edge forged irons. However, I hit my driver and fairway woods with a huge hook somehow. I have been using an Adams ST driver (10.5 degree loft, R flex) for the last two years. I can hit it between 260-290 yards consistently. I just can’t seem to hit many drivers straight except this one, but on miss hits the steel tip on the driver just kills my distance. I have to have regular flex too even though my swing speed is...
New Posts  All Forums: