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you may want to keep that Cobra, I bought a new TaylorMade last year and while I do hit it further I am not as straight.  The L5V finds the fairway much better even on mishits.  As far as loft, whatever you hit better is better, no matter what a salesman/pro tells you.  Golf is a personal game. 
D:  270-255 5 wood:  230 3H:  215 4: 205 5:  190 6:  180 7:  170 8:  160 9:  155 PW:  150 GW:  135 SW:  125 LW:  100
    Can't you just pick up the ball and throw it over the obstacle.  No divot and closer to the hole...it's a win-win.    
I had my car broken in to, they stole three burnt CD's and a phone charger and didn't touch my clubs which are probably worth more than my car (at least to me).  I keep them in the garage now, because of the previous story and because I have had my sun screen leak due to the heat of my trunk.
$2000 easy...to walk the same fairways (and pine straw) as Jones, Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, Phil, etc., that's priceless.
Hey guys, I have been considering joining a country club in Columbus, Ohio.  I live on the west side, so the closer the better.  I don't have a set price range, I am just trying to see the actual costs of some the the clubs.  Thanks for any help.
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