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I appreciate the input guys.   I get the impression that GD is the type of course that has 3-5 memorable holes, but the rest of the course is forgettable.  KN, while flat, seems to have more distinctive holes.  Also, this will be the first course we play, and I was thinking about doing a 2 man scramble (only four of us) to ease into our trip.  I noticed there are a few holes (like #3 and #6) that could be fun to play in this format if the first player puts a safe shot...
 It'd be the resort course. I actually did change over to MBN.  Looking at some pics, GD seems like a relatively plain course.  I'm sure the maintenance is great and there's a few interesting holes, but it seemed pretty link-sy (flat and open).  While MBN also seemed flat, I got the impression there are a greater number of "interesting" holes like 6 and 12, among others.  If I'm wrong, please let me know.   With the exception of me, our group isn't impressed by course...
Looks like a great lineup, but it could be a lot of driving.  Not sure where you're staying, but Barefoot is farther north while True Blue is on Pawley's Island (south).  It's about an hour between them.  GD is central, and TPC is south/central.  
I'm confused.  Did you suggest Willbrook, but then talk about how bad your experience was?
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 Thanks for the input.
I'll post after we go.....
 I did go through a bunch of these threads and got some very helpful info, and I'm using MB Golf Desk to book my trip based on a post from one of the threads!   
 Nice.  Thanks!
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