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I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls.   Rickie Fowler    -16 Graham DeLeat  -16 Chesson Hadley  -16
 Thanks for the input.
I'll post after we go.....
 I did go through a bunch of these threads and got some very helpful info, and I'm using MB Golf Desk to book my trip based on a post from one of the threads!   
 Nice.  Thanks!
First I'll say that I did look through other MB threads here, but I know that courses that were great 5 years ago could be dog tracks now, and vice versa.  I'm an avid golfer (like most on here), and I've taken a few golf trips before yet I've never been to MB.  I'm coordinating a trip this year via MB Golf Desk (took advice of a poster from another MB thread).  We're going during the second week of November.   I'm likely going to book a "Rewards Package" where you book...
"I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver"...or an X2 Hot Fairway Wood.   Adam Scott                -14 Stephen Gallacher   -14 Brandon Grace        -14
 Fair enough.  I'm not salty about it.  I had no chance of winning anyway.  I just thought it was an interesting point that Crim brought up.
That was a great pick on his part, but given the emphasis placed on abiding by the rules (for all the prior contests as well), I would think he'd be DQ'd for not having 3 picks.....just saying.
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