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I second the Siesta Keys/Sarasota area recommendation.   Punta Gorda is also beautiful.
Deflect, deflect, deflect.  Still no substance, just knocking the management for asking you to provide substance.  Apparently their secret agenda isn't so secret.  At this point I can safely say I have no flipping idea what your product actually is.
Sorry I cropped the shot above to only show the actual forum post and not the green bars.  I'll see if I can get it to do it and give you a full screen clip.  
I tried carrying for six months and then purchased a clicgear.  Best purchase I ever made.  I agree with Lumpuckeroo, my back would start bothering me from constantly picking up the bag from the ground or the times it would spill over.  You still get just as much exercise and it makes the round much more enjoyable.  Another great advantage is that on really sunny summer days in Florida I setup my umbrella.  Makes a huge difference by the end of the round.
Hmm..I just noticed this happening to me too...it's definitely not zoomed in and I'm on a 22" widescreen at 1680x1050.  It appears to only happen with YouTube videos.  
Looks like you're zoomed in to me.  When I zoom in on my 24" screen the same thing happens.
Sorry but that's just ....  You have no idea how far this has gone for her.  For all you know, she could also be knocking off banks at night and does this for kicks during the day.  Point is, when people decide to do something that is blatantly against the law, there is no half measures in my book.  As someone else noted, I believe criminals that are caught but not turned in are more likely to think that they can get away with it again rather than being "scared...
These guys right? http://www.la.bbb.org/business-reviews/Golf-Equipment-and-Supplies-Retail/Warrior-Custom-Golf-Inc-in-Irvine-CA-13004393
Only if you want a different grip than what is put on by default.   I have also purchased extensively from Callaway Preowned.  Great service.  I've actually had to send back a driver that started to come apart, they cross-shipped a replacement overnight after one call.  That was 6 months after I purchased it.  
New Posts  All Forums: