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This is De la Torre's book.  It encompasses the lessons of Jones and adds ball flight diagnosis and applying the swinging motion to different situations.
De la Torre gives credit to Ernest Jones for originating the "club focused" golf instruction.  De la Torre's book give a more comprehensive discussion of applying the swing to various shots.  The only difference between the concept as described by Jones and De la Torre is their description of the forward swing.  Jones recommends "using the hands to swing the clubhead" forward toward the target.  De la Torre recommends "using the arms to swing the whole club" forward toward...
While some people call De la Torre's approach simple (which it is), it is perhaps better described as "essential".  This approach operates on the question, "What is necessary and universal for producing good ball flight?"  The answer is that the club must move in a particular way--whether you are right hand, left handed, male, female, young, old, pro, or novice.  This is called "club focused" instruction.  You can read more about De la Torre and club focused instruction...
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