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thanks for the fast reply rules man much appreciated!
Hi guys and girls =) , another rules question -    Scenario - Golfer A has hit a drive off the tee and has pulled it left, it was last seen coming down on the blind side of a small hill very close to red staked bushline/ditch. a russel is heard and it is fair to say the ball may have gon into the hazard   the golfers walk up and cant find the ball so it is agreed that it must have entered the hazard BUT because of the hill no one could see where it went in and it...
hi guys, when in a bunker be it a fairway or greenside what options do we have if we declare the ball unplayable?    i know we can go back to the place we last played (outside the bunker),   can we take the two club rule? (droping within the bunker)   and thirdly the one im really not sure on, is - can we take the flag stick and ball line straight back as far as want? again dropping in the bunker and not outside of it?   I have been watching Golf rules in...
i would definetely be twitching on number 10 but i must say the 18th, par 4 523 yards with water round the green, imagine the pressure? cant wait to watch it unfold!
thanks for the reply stretch i will take your advice and get one =)
hi guys, Im new to the golf game and often 3 putt and its costing me!!! I am considering buying putting alignment mirror but Im not sure if it will actually help me? was hoping some of you experienced guys could give some advice? its only £18.59 so it wont break the bank but i'd rather not spend it if it wont help my game..   do you guys ever use one to practice your stroke?   this is one im looking at from...
hi geekgolfer, would you part with one for £10 ??
Hi guys, don't suppose anyone can point me in the direction of a similar product as it sounds great but it seems they are no longer in business?!   If anyone has more than one and are willing to sell me a PBS that would be great! I can pay over Paypal.   Thanks guys
I play the same ball on the course and carry around 10, at home a have a bout 100 random balls (found lots, been given lots) i buy grade A lake balls from ebay, just got 24 titleist solo balls for £11, really like this ball.
cheers guys! Im so hooked to golf i think i should be able to come down quick (hopefully).
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