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Lol. I was being sarcastic
 Wow!!!   I think he should be hung, drawn and quartered and one of the quarters displayed at each of the 4 majors as an example to all golfers of how not to behave to their fans. Shame on him!!!!
When I first got the TS I couldn't hit it either - daisy cutters all day long. My old (normal) shot was to pick the ball off the top (sweeper). Since getting the TS I've learned to take a proper divot and hit down on the ball.You just have to stick at it and as Beachcomber said make sure you have a forward press at address. I even used to exaggerate this forward lean when using the TS. This is one training aid that does work.   PS cool avatar (hail hail!!!)
 I do it all the time - crap I've posted on the wrong forum again.
Maybe some peope don't like to post because they feel shy. Well that's my excuse anyway - I get really shy online.
This thread is funny. Reminds me of the "what golf bad will fit in my Nissan 350Z?" thread.
Graeme McDowel   (-10) Padraig Harrington  (-9) Justin Rose            (-10)   Sadly only for fun.
I have a CB4 15* and love it. Same shaft as OP in a stiff and I agree this thing is a bomber. Blew away the competition when I was in the market for a 3W this year.
Couldn't agree more.
 I never said you shouldn't have goals or aim high, all I said it is unrealistic to believe we can be anything we want to be and in some ways it's not fair to encourage this believe in others. At some point they just have to be told, look you can't sing or be a brain surgeon or play golf. You don't have the necessary skills.   As it happens you're correct I never complain about my life and I did aim high, but I was realsitic in what I knew I could achieve. I knew my...
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