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The blues would be good. 
We would play from the white tees right? 
Ok, my game is not worth Erin Hills but I am in depending on the date! I am buying a new house (trying to find one now) but should be in and set before July 1st. Let me know the date and I should be good. I may even be able to get a couple other local guys to join in if we need to fill foursomes.
The show was pretty good. Not too many deals on equipment but I didn't need anything anyways. I just mainly go to sign up for the free golf and the specials, like 2 for 1 at The Bull..... 
Just a heads to anyone looking to get out this weekend that the Milwaukee golf starts on friday and runs thru Sunday. I am going when it opens this friday as I need to at least be around something golf!
Oh man yes the barn is still there! Cost me reaching that par 5 in 2 this past summer! I sent one right off the roof but it bounced far enough back to get there in 3. Strong wind out of the north and I was playing the wind and hit it perfect.... so yes, I hate/love that barn! Not sure if you were in the area still but they added 9 more holes to the south and it plays well like a links course. The trees have matured nicely on the course but still windy as heck even on calm...
Small world @David in FL... So I imagine Johnson's Park, Shoops, Washington Part, and if you went high end Ives and South Hills? I grew up in the same town, still live in Mt. Pleasant...... I drive to Brighton Dale to play or Johnson's on the weekends. 
@David in FL Where in Wisconsin did you grow up?
Make that 14 inches of snow! Now the pictures even piss me off! @Jakester23 
Lmao sorry. It's 32 here in Racine but we have 5-7" of snow coming Sunday.
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