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Moron is the first word that comes to mind with videos like this....... I agree Chris.... probably a fake.
and another goes by with no one from TST Wisconsin getting together for a round.... Maybe next year?
I live about 5-10 minutes from a Dick's, 25 from Golf Galaxy, 40 from Golfsmith..... I have been doing more shopping at Golfsmith lately. I bought a Dozen Titleist NXT Tours from Dick's well out with wife. We went to Target after Dick's.... yep, $4 cheaper a dozen AT TARGET! I have never bought a single club from Dick's, the only thing I ever bought was gloves and balls..... and now that will be ending.
I had the super stroke 5.0. I putted with that for a full year. I just switched to the 3.0 this past weekend. I putted well with the larger grip but thought I lost a little feel and touch. I  had the 3.0 installed this past Saturday and practice around the living room just to get distance control on a uniform surface and man.... I was loving it! much better response back and feel. I will be taking it to league tonight to test out there. I make the league playoffs and...
I wish my wife expressed interest in learning how to play. She rode with me a couple of times and enjoyed being out there.... but expressed no interest in hitting a ball. 
I shot a 51 on the front 9 of a course I had never played before (Hawksview in Lake Geneva, WI)... That was with 3 8's in the first 4 holes, back 9 was my normal 46....
I prefer the rangefinder and have tried GPS's in the past. I prefer the rangefinder as I can shoot different targets around the hole, like bunkers, hills, trees and other features. I like to shoot the flag and get the distance of that then also the front edge of the green if I can see it when the flags are on the front. For example if I shoot the flag and reads back 129 yards and the front edge is 115 I pull a PW, if the front edge was 129, I would pull the 9 iron. I...
Completely OT but @iacas your profile picture made me laugh out loud in my office! That's great!
They came in Friday afternoon and I went and picked them up..... I want to punch myself for not ordering them 2 months ago!
I once stayed at a Holiday Inn and golfed the next day... so that means you all owe me a free round of golf. I will be collecting now thank you.....   I think it ridiculous unless it was set-up on the bylaws. You should have been notified prior to the event and had the choice of selecting a new partner.
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