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I have gone the last 3 years now. Pretty decent show if you want to see other courses and get info about them. You can also score some pretty good deals on green fees (2-4-1 @ the Bull for example) but most of those require you sign-up on their email list. Most manufactures are there and have hitting bays set up if you want to try out the new stuff. I haven't seen too many "great" deals on gear there but some decent ones.
Just a heads up that the Milwaukee Golf Show is being held this coming weekend,March 14-16. It's held at the State fair grounds. I am going Saturday at some time, not sure when.   www.greatermilwaukeegolfshow.com
Don't matter to me and the date is fine. Walking is ok but for 18 they prefer you take a cart if they are busy for pace of play. I will see if we can get off on the Blue Spruce course, little shorter but some better looking holes and some killer Par 5's. Plus the 18 finishing hole is a dog leg left around the pond..... If we have West-SW wind, you can try to drive the green.
We got 6 more inches yesterday as well in SE Wisconsin. I live in a condo and it's pretty sad that they snow piles are now taller than the garages! At this rate, by June the snow should all be melted. I had blinds installed in my office this past week so I could shut them and not watch it snow all day. I should hire someone to air brush a golf course scene on the back when I close them I can pretend I am golfing.....
The place we were going to go before was Brighton Dale Golf Links in Kenosha County. http://www.golfbrightondale.com/   It doesn't need to be there, we only picked that cause the people that were coming were all in SE Wis. Cost would be approx $50 for 18 and a cart there.
I am all for it! We just need to make sure it's a date that people can make and stick to it.
My car on the way to work..... This has been a normal morning around here in SE Wisconsin since the first of the year, any where from -15 to 1 degree mornings with the highs barely getting into the 20's.... I $%@#^#@ hate winter this year......  
I am too depressed to even think about golf........ I don't think we'll see grass until mid June here in Wisconsin. I live in the southern part of the state and we even have 18-20" of base snow..... and we're getting 3 more inches tomorrow. We haven't seen a day above freezing in almost a month. It's currently -1 F. outside and that feels warm now...... At 38, this is the hardest winter that I can remember where I live. The good thing is when we hit the 40's and the snow...
LMAO...... I read all these posts about $55K cars and you can barely fit a bag in..... I am so glad I passed on the BMW...   I actually selected a 2011 Hyundai Sonata over a 2011 BMW 328i when I bought my last new car. I can fit 3 cart bags in the trunk, 4 if you take out the drivers and 4 sets of shoes and a bunch of other things. It's great cause we can take less cars to the course but sucks cause I drive and can't enjoy as many drinks in the clubhouse after. Plus...
I might be down to play depending on when and if my game isn't sucking this year!
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