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good work "Shorty" you looked up our website and found the owner's name, great research.  Yes, I do have access to pre release information, but actual consumer knowledge is worth ten times more than the Titleist company line.  Of course they will tell their people they sell the best of the best and you should buy nothing else.   Yes, I do play Nike Irons, always have, probably always will.  That MUST mean that there is no way I would represent, sell, and promote...
Honest opinion?  yes you are a bit "assertive"   Sure I'll let you know where, Fairways Of Woodside Golf Course, Sussex, WI - Assistant Pro/Golf Shop Manager, I charge a very reasonable $35/hr in case your interested in some lessons, I bet you could use em.  If not, come on by, we got a money game every Tuesday I'll gladly take whatever you got.   I'll repeat, as I do have Titleist connects I don't want to waste my resources on something that won't produce any...
ya that pocket is really hidden?  haven't actually had the clubs in my hand, only checked them out on Nike's site.  I just read your review on them and that was the first time I even noticed the pocket!  Guess I need to get out more, I work in golf so don't go to national chain stores to over pay for merchandise...downfall is that I can't actually see, feel, touch as much product as I would like
perhaps i did over react so I'll appologize, yes I did just join today, but have been reading the forum for quite some time now.  Didn't say I think adjustable clubs correct swing flaws, as a Titleist rep and teacher I understand the purpose of the SureFit technology...my statement should have read that in the past I did not like the change in technology to adjustable clubs because I felt most consumers would opt for equipment to fix their swings rather than actually...
great review thanx a ton.  Sounds like everything i was hoping to hear.  They look AMAZING, Nike website only offers a few pics and none of the face, like you i was curious about all the extra grooves but they actually look good to me.  Now to find me a Nike hookup....do i ever hate retail prices...maybe I'll switch the shop over to Nike exclusive next year so I can get a deal...hehehehehehe
WOW DICK, sorry for the mistake, I'm sure you've never made one in your entire life.  Yes I meant 906 and in case you didn't read the entire thread, I know it was really long and you're used to only reading picture books, I understand the purpose behind the 910....   Now if anyone has some actual feedback on the equipment and doesn't wanna be an asshole like this guy I would really appreciate it  
did all of you guys use the same process as listed by the OP?  acetone and all that stuff?  This would be super fun for me but would only want it on the clubs i game...and don't wanna mess up my gamers
I'm on my third set of the original Nike Pro Combo's and for years have been wondering why other companies don't offer these sets.  I will never go back to a standard set, someday I will have to upgrade to the "new" (they're the same as mine just a new paint scheme) Pro Combo's simply because brand new sets of the older ones are becoming harder and harder to find
R11 is such a joke.  All it is is an R9 with white paint.  Before I upgraded my Ping G2 to a G15, (which has been replaced by a 910D3) I actually hit my five year old G2 Longer, Higher, and straighter than the R11....gee maybe that's why some pros still use the G2 in practice rounds?  hehe I love that club, always will
I'm currently on my third set of old school Nike Pro Combo's.  The make up of the set and the way the cavities work from full to mid to blade throughout the set is just fantastic. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around why other companies don't offer sets like this. After many years away from the set Nike has decided to bring them back.  They look great but I don't have any Nike hook up's and would be forced to pay the $1000 retail price...I hate retail.  Has...
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