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All of sudden I am really hungry, hmm what to eat?   Oh well, I guess a good ol' turkey sandwich.
I'm done arguing with you. I got my clubs the way I want them.      
What is with that comment?   He basically can do what he wants with his clubs. Yes XMscott I would think you could have them fitted to your liking.   Are you telling me I wasted my money? Well, I didn't. I like the heads and didn't feel like spending more money on another set irons. All I needed was a switch to reg shafts plus I needed new grips anyway.   It is not a waste of money to get the irons you already have fitted. The way I have mine now are perfect...
Thank you all for any help you have gave me in what to do with my irons.   I bought them about a month ago with stock stiff shafts, which were extremely hard for me to hit, I got maybe 2 out of 6 shots with those stock ping shafts. Those are long gone now.   My set up. +1/4" over original length on all irons 3-pw, midsize grips (Ping I D8) 8-pw, standard grips 3-7 (Ping I D8 w/ 3 wraps of tape *to make them feel similar to the midsize*   TT Lite XL...
Well, if anyone cares, got my pings back today with brand spanking new TT Lite XL shafts, had them extended a quarter inch in length.   Also got those stock Ping grips that come on the G series irons.   They feel execellent :)
My stock shafts are karsten model but not zz-lite, the ping guy said it was just one z in the model, so i'm guess z65 maybe? Oh well, I can't hit stiff for anything, maybe 2 out of 6 shots lol.
Others might hate me for saying this, but, gigagolf has some x-20 clones that are less than $200 shipped....others on here have said they are great clubs. You can order them to your desired specs.
Been at the range about 15 times or so with these pings I got but the shafts were to stiff for my swing,   getting TT Lite regular flex with lamkin crossline grips, I'm looking foward to swinging these clubs with the right flex for my swing.   How much better consistency will I have since I'm getting them built for my specs.   Also, anyone use these shafts? Opinions appreciated ..
I'm a bit confused, just looked at the chart on ping and according to my wrist to floor of 35" the black dots (which is the color I currently have) seems to be correct length and the lie should be 1.5* Upright. The spaldings I have are just a little longer through the entire set and they just feel more comfortable as far as length goes, I'm probably taking the pings in for 1/4" added length and correct lie adjustment.   What would be the price for that amount of...
Neither, both are steel.
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