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Now that I think about it. We should wait for one of those demo days because I'm not sure if the local stores even carry a reasonable selection of shafts.
Good point. He needs to get tested. His handicap is .5 and he's 6 feet tall. He's using x-stiff Tour AD DI for his driver. Are there x-stiff woods that are sold at places like Roger Dunn? We don't have a large selection here in Hawaii. That's what makes it so tough.
Yes, but why does it always end up being the tour ad di? Too $$$
There are so many shafts out there. What are a few current shafts that I should be checking out for an extra stiff shaft for a 3 wood? Not for me but for my son.  Are there a few shafts that really stand out currently? Thanks in advance.   Aron
That 2nd youtube video I posted pretty much explains the new ball flight laws.
This one is only 10 minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR2zLVBSQm4&feature=related
Here's a 40 minute explanation of the new ball flight laws. 40 minutes to explain this subject. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uepMzddHpas
Like I said, I am not contesting the laws. All I am saying is that just because it's a law and it makes sense (after studying and studying) doesn't mean it's easy to understand or apply. If this is so easy, why do we have to watch youtube videos and do all this when it's so easy? If it's transforming players, why isn't the info drawn out in an easy to understand way? Why not sell it since everyone else seems to sell the same tips over and over? Maybe....   1: People...
I'm not contesting the laws. All I am saying is IMO that it's not as simple to do as some people say and whatever the reality is, many people seem to be able to do things the old way. Now that we know the truth, I'd like to know many people are actually doing any better because of it? Has it transformed anyone's playing? Why isn't this the most major breakthrough in golf? In print it seems to be an incredible find.
Not sure about these ball flight laws in terms of implementation. The old way worked for a lot of people and it was a relatively simple thing to do. The new way seems just "iffy" in terms of implementation and due to the path AND club face open/close - still make for a complex relationship.   If the swing path were perfect, then yeah, it's easy to just aim the club face, but the swing path rarely is (for normal people), so it's not so easy. IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: