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Yes, he's much older now! Must be it.
>Dave Eichelberger burying a wedge up to the grip   Wow! If it's the same person, I got to play a pro am with Dave. He was really, really nice and complimenting us and talking about all the different places he has played. I guess when you are competing, the worse can come up!
>Many people believe that Rory Sabattini is the biggest jerk on tour, due to his behaviour inside and outside of the ropes.   He came to Hawaii. I brought my kids. He was constantly complaining about every bad shot he made. About the bunkers, about the lies. Then he swore and threw his ball into the bush. My daughter was young and she was shocked. Me? I thought it was interesting... 
Sorry to hear that Lihu! There's nothing like hitting to a par 3 and get it close (4 or 5 feet) from 175 yards. Then walk up, take your time and miss the putt!!!!! I've even missed putts where they are begging me to pick up. I always insist on trying the putt, only to miss. The good news is that I par a lot of par 3s. The only thing that is changed now, is that I don't get upset when I miss it. Just move on. Because I made a par, I can afford a double along the way!!!!...
No, it's weird. I can somewhat reliably 2 putt from most distances (so I make bogey or par). My swing path or club/head is no good. So when I pick out a line, I hit the putt and it usually misses in some manner. I wish it was consistent. When I do have birdie chances (on a par 3 or par 5), I usually miss them. I also have a bad habit of pitching to about 4 or 5 feet which I then miss...
 Oh and LSW  = GIR. That is.... unless you cannot putt like me! :-) Good Luck guys!
Forgot to say. Besides LSW, check out "How short hitting bad golfers break 90 all the time". It's a great read and it works.
Gipper, I know you are probably getting way too much info, but here's my 2 cents and check my handicap so take it FWIW.Buy a cheap practice mat. If you can afford it, get a weighted club - the type that has the grip already set to put your hands in the correct grip. Now swing every day and make as good a swing as you can - always taking the time to sweep the mat. Do not use a ball. Just work on a smooth swing and to always sweep the mat.  The keys are to swing smoothly and...
Quick question. The book describes putting yardage markings on your clubs for easy reference. Is this ok to use in tournaments?
I just got the SwingByte 2. It is great for taking a look at your swing path. They need to improve the descriptions of some of the parameters but in general, it works pretty well. The iOS app is still buggy, they need work there. Otherwise, it is very useful for what I see so far.
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