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Quick question. The book describes putting yardage markings on your clubs for easy reference. Is this ok to use in tournaments?
I just got the SwingByte 2. It is great for taking a look at your swing path. They need to improve the descriptions of some of the parameters but in general, it works pretty well. The iOS app is still buggy, they need work there. Otherwise, it is very useful for what I see so far.
>One of the points is that pros only need to get up and down five, maybe six times per round   Wouldn't that make it seem like you need to practice it even more for the times you need to save par? It sure seemed like Jimmy Walker was getting up and down so many times. It was amazing to watch. Also when Rory went up and down some 20+ times out of 25 tries. I can't remember the exact numbers. It was amazing to watch. Anyway, I am eager to check out the book. Thanks!
I haven't received my book yet (has been shipped). Without reading it yourself, most did not believe driving and ball striking out weighed other practice details   Yikes, I hope the book doesn't have my son just bang away at the driving range ignoring his pitching and putting :-)   I see the pros get up and down all the time. It is amazing. I do agree that GIR is important. I look forward to checking out the book. I already have so many books, I'm hoping this one is...
Count me in. Ordered the book and hope it will help my son! Me too for that matter!
I know this thread is supposed to be about improving beyond bogey golf, but for me, that's all I strive to be lately.   1: I rarely have time to hit the range. 2: I'm a terrible putter. 3: I drive the ball short.   All that being said, my game improved a LOT when my Dad told me to play each hole as if bogey was par for me. It relaxed me thinking I have 4 more shots. Or if I screwed up the 2nd, shot, I still had 3 more.   I worked a lot on getting a consistent swing...
Now that I think about it. We should wait for one of those demo days because I'm not sure if the local stores even carry a reasonable selection of shafts.
Good point. He needs to get tested. His handicap is .5 and he's 6 feet tall. He's using x-stiff Tour AD DI for his driver. Are there x-stiff woods that are sold at places like Roger Dunn? We don't have a large selection here in Hawaii. That's what makes it so tough.
Yes, but why does it always end up being the tour ad di? Too $$$
There are so many shafts out there. What are a few current shafts that I should be checking out for an extra stiff shaft for a 3 wood? Not for me but for my son.  Are there a few shafts that really stand out currently? Thanks in advance.   Aron
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