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Thanks Rick,   But the tour players are playing much more difficult greens that I assume I am. I get frustrated when I ask other people to try the putt and they make it nearly every single time. I am not kidding you, I am one of the worst putters I have seen but things are looking up! (BTW: LSW said that most people feel this way about their putting).
I know that video seems crazy, but  someone please try it. I have never putted as good as I have recently. Of course it's only been a few days but my stroke is so much better with the correct stance. I always used to fight my stroke going back and forth - either being too wrist or not, or seeing the putter go offline. This stance change actually made a difference for me.
Back with another zany idea. Saw this on this website from long ago. I verified that yes, this guy is right in that there is a stance which makes the arms move together nicely. Verified that it seems to smooth out my putting motion. Used it on the course not expecting much. Had 2 birdies and no 3 putts in 9 holes. Hope it continues to help - like any other golfing tip - take it with a grain of salt!!!!!  
Thanks guys! Will try those. A lot of it is in my head now. When I go to practice greens my distance control is awesome! I mean I can go and just look at the hole and putt it close many times without any problem. Something happens on the course and that's the problem. Although I am a true 16 handicap, I could be at least 3 strokes less if I could just putt decently on the course. If I am about 3-5 feet away from the hole, I almost always miss. The ball is past the hole a...
I realized today why there are so many times that I hit my goal scoring-wise, but still am not content with what I have done - PUTTING!!!!! The part of golf I am worst at is putting and it's the last thing I always do for every hole. I can't stand 3 putting and yet it seems like it happens far too often. I noticed that if I am 5-10 feet away, I almost always miss as well. There is this one particularly long par 4 (for me) - ~470 yard par 4. I can get it reasonably...
LSW is great, but for breaking 90, the books I listed and tips should allow you to break 90. The books I listed are very practical and an extremely easy read with great results.
I posted this before and I believe it works:
This is the breaking 90 thread so these tips helped me the most.   1: Forget par - if you get it, GREAT! Otherwise, play every hole as a bogey hole and .... be happy when you get a bogey. Things change drastically when you know you have an extra shot. 2: Make contact with the ball - what I mean is be honest with yourself - if you are going to top that 3 wood, then use a hybrid or your most trusted club that you can hit and not completely waste a shot.  3: Practice your...
I have read so many tips. In any case, something that seems to help is to imagine tossing the ball to the hole, then replicate that speed. It seems to help. http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2011/02/putting-101.html   You can also toss a real ball towards the hole and try and replicate that swing speed with your putter. Try it. 
>then practice and practice some more to find out what works for you.   9wood posted a great tip. Go to the range and do whatever you need to do to hit the ball as reliably as you can. It may be "keeping your head as still as you can" or "brace your right knee" or "always sweep the ground". Whatever it is, figure it out and take that swing thought with you to the next round. FEEL the way you felt on the driving range and pretend you are on the driving range and have your...
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