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Wow congratulations! Glad it helped!!!!!! That is an awesome score! More to come I am sure!
Thanks guys!!!!!
You need to get something like the SwingByte or 3bays. It attaches to the club and will measure swing speed reasonably well among other things. The iPhone is awesome and so is the development environment.    I was just going to say that someone could clip the phone to your glove and here it is: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/golf-swing-speed/id545869923?mt=8
I forgot to mention another really good book. It's the How to break 100,90,80,70 series by Andy Chao. It really has a lot of overlap with LSW. I'm still learning from the book - I've bought every single one. The only thing is that there's a ton of overlap within the series and sometimes outright mistakes (copy and paste from another etc...). But it's full of great information! I love it. Will read it before going out today. 
Don't be so hard on yourself. I've tried it both ways and some days you are just off. One time I went to the range and couldn't hit anything. I mean, every single ball was topped or shanked. Even some pros felt bad and tried to help me. It was one of the worst days of playing I have had. So going to the range may make things worst because all it does is make you feel defeated before you hit the tee.   I always do the same thing now - check tempo, sweep the ground. Try...
WOW, thanks guys. Yeah, I'm not expecting much from him with regards to score - but OK, will give it a good shot. Thanks for the tips. mdaugherty24, thanks!!!! Dave, I will have them ask for #8 for the practice round. I wasn't aware the greens were that fast. Incredible. I don't think we have anything that fast in Hawaii under normal conditions.
Sorry to hijack this thread, but my son is going to play Pinehurst 5,8  and 2. Of the three, he can only play either 5 to 8 during a practice round. For the people that have played there - if you could choose between 5 or 8, which one would you choose? I guess another way to say this, is which course 5 to 8 would best prepare you for the other two? Thanks for any advice.
I went to the range, but it was pretty difficult to map everything out accurately. The trackman can save a lot of time, but I'm not sure how accurate the trackman is for carry distance etc... either. I would think if you could go out on the range and laser back to the bag that would be best, but what about shot dispersion? Pretty difficult in any case.
I posted this before, but this is an excellent book with common sense.    http://www.amazon.com/Short-Hitting-Golfers-Break-Time/dp/1453698922
I posted this in the 100 and over thread, but this really applies to people like me that do not practice much. Try it, it really works. And yes, it took me a while to realize that sometimes I need to keep my driver in the bag for the entire round depending on the course.   >Make practice swings and do not swing any faster than you can balance. I mean really pay attention to how fast you can swing in complete balance. Do this while sweeping the ground with your club....
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