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 I like that idea. Just do it one day a week and not the ridiculously large 15" cups.  Otherwise I think you'd risk losing customers. I wouldn't want to play golf very often if I had to play 15" cups. That kind of takes the fun out of putting. I still think a cup size increase across the board for the entire game would be cool. http://thesandtrap.com/t/60753/great-putting-is-just-luck-why-we-should-make-the-cup-bigger/90
I'd take someone on the course with me as long as they'd at least swung a club a few times. I'd only take them if they understood there are rules about pace of play, and that they'd have to pick their ball up and move it to where mine is if I tell them to.   I've always thought it was stupid to just take someone to the range a million times. I think people get the golfing bug the first time they write down a score on a hole. Then you have a mark to beat every other time...
I'm 24 and honestly just can't really afford to play. I love the game and as I get more of a stable career joining a league and buying a course membership will be one of the first things I do. I imagine there are quite a few others in the same boat.
My father tried to go the PGA class A club pro route when I was very young. He went all the way through his entire training, I think it took him a solid 6 or 7 years while he worked as an assistant pro making next to nothing. They would send him these books and tapes that he would have to learn and complete some type of exams that he sent in. Every rung on the ladder he completed required him to make an expensive trip out to either LA or florida for an expensive written...
I like Bubba, but I was a little unimpressed this weekend by some of the things coming out of his mouth.   Specifically on 18, I think it was Saturday, when he hit the "mud ball". And immediately yelled "MUD BALL". I felt like he was just making up excuses and I felt that way several other times throughout the Masters. Seeing professional golfers put blame on something like that makes me cringe a little bit.
One year my buddy was golfing with his fiance, his drive on one hole ended up behind a maintenance barn. If he opened up the doors on both sides of the barn he had a clear shot at the green. He had his fiance open the doors and he took his shot. The ball ricocheted off a door and hit his fiance in the temple, killing her on the spot.   A year later he and I were golfing that same hole, he had finally gained the courage to play the course again for the first time since...
You really got to get on them right from the beginning so they don't take offense from it when you do later. Place a little bet at the beginning of the round so that you have some incentive to keep him from cheating.   Bring it up lightheartedly. 
The analytic approach that you guys take to golf makes me think it should look something like a math textbook cover. I whipped this up real quick using images from this site, not sure if they belong to you guys or not!   Also oops on Erik's last name haha.  
Interestingly enough, this company just bought my home course that went under a few years ago. So all you guys getting scammed are probably funding the new clubhouse :D
 Jeeesus. Can I come visit please!
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