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I enjoy watching the Players far more than watching the PGA.
Late April is right around the corner but if you haven't picked your stops yet... these are all Colorado courses. These should all be open by late April and you shouldn't need more than a sweater, but there is always the chance it could snow :P Be ready for courses with lots of slowly rolling hills and lots of elevation change if you go up into the mountains.   +1 Riverdale Dunes  in Brighton Colorado. Just a very cool course. +1 Fossil Trace as well. Has some really...
Considering this weekend, where do you think Tiger will go from here? 
This image was posted from a Protracer operator of Tiger's second shot on 13 today (why don't we got protracer on CBS?)   
Interestingly, none of those results would surprise me. I don't see him winning or even contending, but then again it's Tiger Woods.
Yes.   Solution. Make golf free in all of America for 2-3 months as well as nice rental clubs. Everyone gets addicted to golf who hasn't tried it. Profit off of everyone's new addiction.
You can't force that kind of thing. I don't really think you can even influence all that much at this point, and why should you? If she doesn't like it she doesn't like it... if you force her to play and she doesn't like it then you are just forcing her to live out your dream for her, and that is just shitty.   Give her the tools, let her come play with you, make it easy for her to play... Let her know that it takes hard work and dedication to be GOOD if that is what she...
6i   My irons get worse the lower they go until I pull out my 3 hybrid. Also I've noticed that while I hit my 6i about 190 yards, I hardly gain any yardage from my 5i through 3i until i hit my 3 hybrid. I've never been able to figure that out.
 Because there are people here who have a ton more knowledge than I do. I still think I could get a lot of high handicappers playing better golf. I don't see myself giving lessons to people who are very low handicaps at least not at first. I was really just asking for peoples thoughts on whether or not there was ANY way for an amateur to make money teaching under the rules of golf. I'm not even claiming that I wouldn't have to learn a whole lot more, I just wanted to know...
 I've easily spent hundreds of hours in my life advancing my knowledge of the golf swing if not thousands. Maybe not instructing it, but reading about it, analyzing it, and practicing it definitely. I see people who are really bad that I know I could help. Once I started giving my dad who used to teach tips I started to feel like it was something that I should be doing. I am confident that I understand the swing better than a lot of teaching professionals, at least the...
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