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6i   My irons get worse the lower they go until I pull out my 3 hybrid. Also I've noticed that while I hit my 6i about 190 yards, I hardly gain any yardage from my 5i through 3i until i hit my 3 hybrid. I've never been able to figure that out.
 Because there are people here who have a ton more knowledge than I do. I still think I could get a lot of high handicappers playing better golf. I don't see myself giving lessons to people who are very low handicaps at least not at first. I was really just asking for peoples thoughts on whether or not there was ANY way for an amateur to make money teaching under the rules of golf. I'm not even claiming that I wouldn't have to learn a whole lot more, I just wanted to know...
 I've easily spent hundreds of hours in my life advancing my knowledge of the golf swing if not thousands. Maybe not instructing it, but reading about it, analyzing it, and practicing it definitely. I see people who are really bad that I know I could help. Once I started giving my dad who used to teach tips I started to feel like it was something that I should be doing. I am confident that I understand the swing better than a lot of teaching professionals, at least the...
 You don't need to be scratch to teach someone to play. Even if at first my only qualification is that I'm obviously better than the really bad golfers, I can build on that when they see results. 
 I guess that could be a major problem :P
 You may be correct in that, but I know golf better than about anything else that I know. It's not really something I'm deciding to do on a whim either, I've been thinking about it for quite some time and I believe I have some good ideas. Part of why I want to do it is because I know that so many golf pros and others suck at teaching and have not the first clue what they are talking about. Even if I have no clue what I'm doing, I'd like to get a clue. Just because I want...
Thought of an idea, wondering if it would be legit.    I'm working on an online business that is golf related. If I make a portion of this business "educational" then I could under the rules spend 50% of my time teaching and still be an amateur.   What do you think haha?
I have had several people offer to pay me for golf lessons. I personally think I do a damn good job of teaching someone to play and improving their swing, but I am an amateur.   I seriously don't want to have to declare myself as a "pro" to do so. If that were the only route, how does that work? Do I simply declare that I'm a pro and now I'm a pro? Can amateur status somehow be reinstated later on? Can I still keep a handicap? Am I ever going to be able to play in an...
I have such bad distance control under 100 yards that I'd probably end up in the water if I laid up anyways. I'd go for it.
I think you probably just need to keep playing and practicing as much as you can! You'll get there. I'm guessing you have all the shots in your bag to shoot in the 70s, you just occasionally don't perform that shot to the best of your ability which ends in those blow up holes. Just get more consistent and it'll happen less often!
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