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I like Bubba, but I was a little unimpressed this weekend by some of the things coming out of his mouth.   Specifically on 18, I think it was Saturday, when he hit the "mud ball". And immediately yelled "MUD BALL". I felt like he was just making up excuses and I felt that way several other times throughout the Masters. Seeing professional golfers put blame on something like that makes me cringe a little bit.
One year my buddy was golfing with his fiance, his drive on one hole ended up behind a maintenance barn. If he opened up the doors on both sides of the barn he had a clear shot at the green. He had his fiance open the doors and he took his shot. The ball ricocheted off a door and hit his fiance in the temple, killing her on the spot.   A year later he and I were golfing that same hole, he had finally gained the courage to play the course again for the first time since...
You really got to get on them right from the beginning so they don't take offense from it when you do later. Place a little bet at the beginning of the round so that you have some incentive to keep him from cheating.   Bring it up lightheartedly. 
The analytic approach that you guys take to golf makes me think it should look something like a math textbook cover. I whipped this up real quick using images from this site, not sure if they belong to you guys or not!   Also oops on Erik's last name haha.  
Interestingly enough, this company just bought my home course that went under a few years ago. So all you guys getting scammed are probably funding the new clubhouse :D
 Jeeesus. Can I come visit please!
With a tournament coming up next week my short game has gone on vacation. I can't get up and down to save my life. I have no touch around the greens. Inside 75 yards I might as well chip it back to 100 yards and take a full swing. I'm losing 5-6 shots a round because of my poor wedge play which was saving me shots just a couple weeks back.   I need drills for anything inside 75 yards that is not on the green.
I think way too much! I just want to be a scratch golfer, someone tell me what to do!    I want to be a stupid monkey 
The straight ball that then slices off the the right is because of an out to in swing path to a clubface that is square. I don't know of any reason that the stiffness of the club would be causing that, but I could be wrong.   I have about a 115 clubhead speed and only switched to a stiff shaft just 2 years ago. My old driver with a reg flex was extremely inconsistent. I had all sorts of different launch trajectories and shot shapes and I went for years without being...
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