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So the end result was to get a 50* and bend it to 48*. I now have the 44*, 48*, 52*, and 56* as my wedge setup.
I hit some g15 black dot irons. Loved em. I watched my buddy hit the g20 and just smashed it. 
I guess that my ball striking is better I just don't have the back to turn and haven't figured out, yet, how to get more club head speed.   I chose the 910D2 and am quite happy with it. Thank you all for your help.
So while we are on the subject... what is an appropriate vertical launch angle for a 9.5* neutral setting driver?
Thanks Brookter and Iacas. My thoughts exactly.   Now the question is... which ones do both loft/lie adjustments...Hmmm
Ok. After thinking through the concept of adjustable drivers and their uses, and much reading that is mostly a little out of date, I have come to a conclusion...if you are a tinkerer you might not want one. If you are a solid ball striker you may or may not want one. If you have issues with your swing you probably should fix the issue and then decide.   I strike the ball well and have a natural swing. I don't have a ton of club head speed (90ish) and I rarely slice...
Yeah, I had the same thought when I went in to fit Sunday. I am consistently losing 30+ yards. I saw the ball flight comparison. It looked, to my untrained eye, that it had a similar flight pattern / height as my 5 wood. The guy said it resembled a 8 iron... but...   I am getting plenty of, at least while trying today, launch angle. . . not as much as the 10.5. I tee'd it up a bit lower than normal and then hit the 10.5*. Still a good deal higher than the 9.5 or the...
Hello all,   After a year and a quarter of playing I have outgrown my 10.5* driver. I am not swinging any faster but my contact is pretty good. I have a 90mph swing speed...not fast...but...straight.    I have hit every current, and one to two year back models, of the 9.5* driver out there... Here are the ones that felt good and went long and straight.   Nike VR-S. Last year I tried to hit this...and had some cool right angles (ie ultra hozel rocket like...
Here is a list I like to visit when I am in the market... Since I have outgrown the 10.5 but don't hit it a ton I am now using this list....   http://www.golf.com/equipment/golf-magazine-clubtest-2012-drivers   C
I hit a used 910D2 today. I never thought that I could hit a Titleist club... But man it was amazing. I hit a lot of drivers today. I warmed up and then we put me on a system and went about analyzing my swing, ball flight, spin, ball speed, distance..   The thing to know here is that I have only been at this for about a year and change. I was in a near fatal car crash in December 2010. Doc said hit golf balls to make my lower back work better. Now having said that my...
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