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Yeah... Don't know which one technically...but it is right at the top of the hips. :)   I am slow with swing and with the QStar I am long enough not to be embarrassed, roughly 230 with the driver and 200 with the 5wood...   I will try the inversion table. :) 
Update:   So I went with the 5w (19*) over the same lofted 3h. I smashed the 5w 208yds and barely got the 3h out to 190. I have read a great deal about the RBZ...it's too much loft, it isn't as long as TM says...   For me... I hit the RBZ 208... my 3w is the same. It was less effort to hit it. It felt solid and didn't sound like hitting a coke can. So, I put it in the 3h's spot and am now wondering about the F12 vs the RBZ 3w.   And the Driver... If the line...
Wonderfully said. Now, how do I choose one over another? I have the AdamsGolf Redline set (regular flex - 1/2" short of normal). I tend to hit the ball right. Sometimes really hard right ... with both the 3h and 4h.  They look large to my eye... I have fixed my brain in that I need to use the iron swing path rather than a wood swing path.   But is there a difference, relative to head size, between the different company's hybrids?    I hit the RocketBallz 5wood (fairway...
I would like to weigh in and get some help/comments. :)   I have an Adams Redline 3H and hit it poorly.  I hit the 4H well, except when my concentration is low...then slicerooni. I hit my F11 3wood well. Not sure if I should entertain the idea of a 5wood in its place. What do you think?   I don't hit em far...my club head speed is about 92mph. I have a herniated disc in my lower back.   Thoughts?
Hi there anyone heard of a "Diamond Head" reverse angle putter? I got to use one today and I loved it. Probably illegal... but...
I found out... Qstar is for slower club head speeds. 
Hey...   What is the difference between the Zstar and the Qstar?    I started with the Nike Blue Crush then bought the e6. I hit the Qstar and started seeing 10+ yards longer drives, cleaner more accurate short game hits.    Just curious... :)    
To one and all...Merry Christmas.
For me, since I started in March, I found that if I bought a game improvement type ball (e6, Noodle, Nike Crush - blue, PD Long) I did ok once I got fitted and got used to what I was doing. I think I lost one ball in 3 months. I hit it longer and straighter. As my game gets better the ball continues to shine.    I agree that you should stick with one ball for quite a little while - one season or so...   Just my thoughts.   Freeze
Hey,   I would suggest hitting a different type of Adams... Get ahold of an older set, the A3OS etc., and try those. My students at school, I am the asst golf coach, hit the daylights out of em. Or the A4OS's or the A7OS's. I love em. The other clubs you might get ahold of are:   Callaway Diablo Edge Burner 2.0 Ping K15 Mizuno JPX800   They all hit nice. I chose the Redline's because they were forgiving and had a lot of length. Love the Adams stuff....
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